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Programme feedback, March 2024

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All courses run online, unless otherwise specified. Click on a course title for more information. Course titles appended with 'A' or 'B' indicate multiple runs of a stand-alone course. Courses are listed alphabetically below, with those closed to bookings at the bottom of the list. 

FOR 2023-24
Causal Inference in Epidemiology: Concepts and Methods
1-4 July Appraisal and Synthesis of Research;Epidemiology;Medical Statistics;Qualitative Research;Randomised Trials;Statistical Computing;Show all
Economic Evaluation Modelling Using R 16-18 July Statistical Computing;Health Economics;Show all
Essentials of Infectious Disease Modelling and Economic Evaluation 17-18 June Health Economics;Mathematical Modelling;Epidemiology;Show all
Further Survival Analysis 11-12 July Epidemiology;Medical Statistics;Show all
Introduction to Economic Evaluation
[Full, waiting list available]
8-10 July Health Economics;Randomised Trials;Appraisal and Synthesis of Research;Show all
Introduction to Rates and Survival Analysis 26-28 June Epidemiology;Medical Statistics;Statistical Computing;Show all
Machine Learning with Omics Data
[Full, waiting list available]
20-21 June Epidemiology;Genetic Epidemiology;Multiomic Data;Health Data Science;Informatics;Medical Statistics;Show all
Multiple Imputation for Missing Data
10-12 June Medical Statistics;Show all
Optimising Recruitment to Randomised Controlled Trials 13 June Randomised Trials;Qualitative Research;Medical Research Design and Management;Show all
Statistical Methods for Mediation Analysis 24-25 June Epidemiology;Medical Statistics;Show all
Advanced Mendelian Randomization 
[NEW, internal only]
[Bookings closed]
11-12 January Epidemiology;Genetic Epidemiology;Show all
Advanced Multiple Imputation Methods to deal with Missing Data
[Bookings closed]
11 December Epidemiology;Medical Statistics;Show all
Analysis of Repeated Measures
[Bookings closed]
9-10 May Epidemiology;Medical Statistics;Show all

Designing and Conducting Pragmatic Randomised Controlled Trials
[Bookings closed]

13-17 May Randomised Trials;Qualitative Research;Health Economics;Medical Statistics;Medical Research Design and Management;Show all
Genetic Epidemiology
[Bookings closed]
22-28 November Epidemiology;Genetic Epidemiology;Statistical Computing;Show all
Improving your Stata: data management, publication-quality outputs, and automating tasks
[Bookings closed]
28 February - 1 March Epidemiology;Health Economics;Medical Research Design and Management;Medical Statistics;Statistical Computing;Show all
Introduction to Data Visualisation and Web Applications Using R
[Course cancelled]
8-9 February Medical Research Design and Management;Show all
Introduction to Empirical Bioethics
[Bookings closed]
19-21 March Qualitative Research;Ethics Research;Show all
Introduction to Epidemiology
[Bookings closed]
22-26 January Epidemiology;Medical Statistics;Medical Research Design and Management;Randomised Trials;Show all
Introduction to Linear and Logistic Regression Models
[Bookings closed]
4-8 March Medical Statistics;Show all
Introduction to Network Meta-Analysis
[Bookings closed]
11-15 March Medical Statistics;Health Economics;Statistical Computing;Appraisal and Synthesis of Research;Show all
Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods
[Bookings closed]
20-24 May Qualitative Research;Show all
Introduction to Quantitative Bias Analysis
[NEW, internal only] 
[Bookings closed]
25 March Epidemiology;Medical Statistics;Show all
Introduction to R (A)
[Bookings closed]
20-21 November Statistical Computing;Show all
Introduction to R (B)
[Bookings closed]
29-30 January Statistical Computing;Show all
Introduction to Research Governance
[Bookings closed]
29-30 April Medical Research Design and Management;Epidemiology;Qualitative Research;Randomised Trials;Show all
Introduction to Stata
[Bookings closed]
29 November - 1 December Statistical Computing;Show all
Introduction to Statistics
[Bookings closed]
4-8 December Medical Statistics;Show all
Introduction to Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis
[Bookings closed]
16-19 January Appraisal and Synthesis of Research;Show all
Mendelian Randomization
[Bookings closed]
20-23 February Epidemiology;Genetic Epidemiology;Medical Statistics;Show all
Molecular Epidemiology
[Bookings closed]
1-3 May Epidemiology;Molecular Epidemiology;Multiomic Data;Health Data Science;Genetic Epidemiology;Informatics;Show all
Questionnaire Design, Application and Data Interpretation
[Bookings closed]
31 January - 2 February Epidemiology;Medical Research Design and Management;Randomised Trials;Health Economics;Qualitative Research;Show all
Understanding Trusted Research Environments
[NEW, internal only] 
[Bookings closed]
22-26 April Informatics;Medical Statistics;Show all
Writing a Journal Article
[Internal only in-person course] 
[Bookings closed]
4-6 June Medical Research Design and Management;Show all
Writing a Qualitative Paper (A)
[Internal only in-person course] 
[Bookings closed]
13 December Qualitative Research;Show all
Writing a Qualitative Paper (B)
[Internal only in-person course] 
[Bookings closed]
7 June Qualitative Research;Show all

Image of white lines running across a red background Biennial courses

The following live online courses are biennial and will not run in the 2023–2024 short course programme:

University of Bristol staff and students may still access these courses as a Materials & Recordings (UoB only) option.

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Fantastic - the short courses make complex topics accessible in a practical way.

Programme feedback, February 2024

I think the short course programme is a highlight of the Bristol Medical School. It's great to learn from skilled researchers in their field, and be given direction so you aren't left floundering and attempting to teach yourself every skill needed for your degree. There's a lot of support available, all of the tutors are knowledgeable and friendly and the courses cover a lot of content in a short period of time.

Programme feedback, May 2023

The short courses offered are really interesting and relevant to health research, and facilitate getting to know other researchers and departments. I am always impressed by how well organised, helpful and friendly the Short Course Team are - they are really outstanding.

Programme feedback, January 2023

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I am really pleased about the variety of courses of the programme (the materials only recording courses are one of the best parts) and how helpful the Short Course Programme team are. I had several questions and problems and they have always been there.

Programme feedback, January 2023

I think it is brilliant the way we are supported in our development. I am gaining so much from the training offered and really appreciate the time and space to do it. I will be a better researcher for it, and will also be more inclined to stay at the university.

Programme feedback, December 2023

I was very impressed with the level of knowledge that all of the tutors had. One of the best short courses that I have done.

Course feedback (May 2022)

Thank you to all for a really great week's course! I was pleasantly surprised by the collaborative and engaging nature of the online course, and really appreciated the entire team's support throughout the programme.

Course feedback (April 2022)
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