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  Dr Vladislav Tadic
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Statistics, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: My research interests lie on the interface of statistics, optimization and Monte Carlo simulations, and are tightly connected...
Keywords: statistics | Monte Carlo simulations | Monte Carlo methods | stochastic optimization | stochastic dynamic programming | reinforcement learning
  Mrs Beth Tarleton
Post(s): Senior Research Fellow, School for Policy Studies
Areas of expertise: Policy and practice regarding parents with learning difficulties/learning disabilities
Keywords: parents with learning difficulties
  Professor John Tarlton
Post(s): Professor of Regenerative Medicine, Veterinary Pathology and Infection and Immunity
Areas of expertise: Research Interests: Tissue repair and regeneration, inflammatory bowel disease, stem cell biology, tissue engineering,...
Keywords: tissue repair | tissue regeneration | inflammatory bowel disease | stem cell biology | tissue | joint disorders | cattle lameness | animal welfare
  Professor Jeremy Tavare
Post(s): Professor of Biochemistry and Director of Research (Health), School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: We are primarily interested in the molecular basis by which insulin stimulates glucose uptake into fat and muscle cells....
Keywords: glucose uptake | insulin action | insulin signal transduction | molecular biology | advanced cell biology | high throughput methods for signal transduction analysis
  Dr Caroline Taylor
Post(s): Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: My main areas of interest are in nutrition and environmental epidemiology. I am presently researching the effects of prenatal...
Keywords: Trace elements | Lead | nutrition | Child devlopment | pregnancy | Mercury | Cadmium | Picky eating
  Professor Colin Taylor
Post(s): Professor of Earthquake Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
Areas of expertise: Earthquake and dynamic design of civil engineering systems, especially dams, long span bridges, buildings and nuclear facilities. Developing...
Keywords: earthquake engineering | long span bridges | vibrations and dynamics | dams | climate change impact | complex infrastructures | systems modelling | infrastructure renewal and performance
  Professor Ruud ter Meulen
Post(s): Emeritus Professor, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: I am particularly interested in justice in health care, the ethics of research, care of older people, and evidence-based...
Keywords: justice in health care | ethics of research | care of older people | evidence-based medicine | bioethics
  Dr Anja Teschemacher
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience
Areas of expertise: Modulation of Neurotransmitter Release My main interests are the intracellular signalling mechanisms which control release...
Keywords: modulation of neurotransmitter release | intracellular signalling mechanisms | release of neurotransmitters | Neurotransmitters | central neurones | neuromodulators | noradrenaline | intracellular second messenger pathways
  Dr Raf Theunissen
Post(s): Senior Lecturer (TBC), Department of Aerospace Engineering
Areas of expertise: I am interested in the analysis of recordings of air or fluid flows to extract their velocity. The analysis involves, among...
Keywords: experimental fluid dynamics | image-based flow velocity measurement | particle image velocimetry | laser doppler velocimetry
  Dr Anita Thomas
Post(s): Senior Research Associate, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: I am a scientist who is interested in discovering new methods of treating cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis,...
Keywords: cardiovascular disease | targeted drug delivery | nanotechnology | gene therapy | atherosclerosis | thrombosis | inflammation | vein graft
  Dr Clare Thomas
Post(s): Honorary Senior Research Associate, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: I have experience of managing randomised controlled trials(RCT) and conducting qualitative research. I am also a Chartered...
Keywords: randomised controlled trials | qualitative research methods | health psychology
  Professor Sally Thomas
Post(s): Professor of Education, School of Education
Areas of expertise: Educational quality and improvement, school effectiveness, evaluation and self evaluation, learning communities and professional...
Keywords: educational quality | school effectiveness and improvement | learning communities | multilevel modelling | evaluation | China | citizenship
  Mr Wyndham Thomas
Post(s): Research Fellow in Music, Department of Music
Areas of expertise: My principal research interest is in medieval music. I have edited several volumes of 13th- and 14th-century music, three...
Keywords: medieval music | music | liturgical dramas | Fleury Playbook | cantata Corpus Christi | organ music
  Dr James Thompson
Post(s): Vice President of UCU, Human Resources
Reader in Modern British History, Department of History (Historical Studies)
Areas of expertise: I work primarily on the political and intellectual history of modern Britain. I am interested in the development of ideas...
Keywords: modern British politics | history of liberalism | history of political 'spin' | the idea of 'public opinion' | political propaganda and publicity | political posters | history of Labour party | history of socialism
  Professor Mark Thompson
Post(s): Professor in Quantum Photonics, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Professor in Quantum Photonics, School of Physics
Areas of expertise: I am part of an exciting and vibrant research group developing novel photonic devices that harness the uniquely quantum mechanical...
Keywords: physics | engineering | photonics | quantum | lasers
  Dr Trevor Thompson
Post(s): Reader in Healthcare Education, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: My research interests are centred around my PhD, which is entitled "Homeopathy: players, process and outcome". This is a...
Keywords: homeopathy | popularity paradox | homeopathic care | therapeutic consultation | placebo effect | therapeutic approaches
  Professor Marianne Thoresen
Post(s): Professor of Neonatal Neuroscience, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: I trained as a physiotherapist. Treating children with cerebral palsy motivated me to study medicine. While a medical student...
Keywords: effect of temperature on the development of brain injury | cellular mechanisms of hypothermic neuroprotection | drugs and hypothermia | protective strategies against posthaemhorrhagic ventricular dilatation
  Dr Michael Tierney
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Areas of expertise: My current research areas are (1) adsorption chillers, including build of a solar chiller and development of calorimetric...
Keywords: Heat operated refrigeration | Thermo-economics | Heat utilisation | heat and mass transfer | Computational Fluid Dynamics (proprietary codes)
  Professor Leon Tikly
Post(s): Professor in Education, School of Education
Areas of expertise: I have expertise in the educational achievement of black and minority ethnic pupils in the UK. I also direct a major research...
Keywords: ethnic minority achievement in education | African education | education quality | South African education | globalisation and education
  Professor Kate Tilling
Post(s): Professor of Medical Statistics, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: My main areas of expertise are in methods for analysing exposures and outcomes across the life course, and in methods for...
Keywords: statistical methods | lifecourse methods | missing data | epidemiology
  Dr Sue Timmis
Post(s): Reader in Education, School of Education
Areas of expertise: Current research interests centre on the role of digital tools in mediating communications and collaborative work across...
Keywords: technology enhanced learning | Student experience of higher education | young people & ICT | Boundaries between formal & informal learning | ICT and informal learning | ICT for collaboration, interaction and identity | cultural historical activity theory | computer supported collaborative learning
  Professor Richard Tinsley
Post(s): Emeritus Professor of Zoology, School of Biological Sciences
Areas of expertise: I am interested in the ecology and physiology of parasites, especially the reproductive biology and transmission of monogenean...
Keywords: parasites | amphibians | xenophus | Southern Spadefoot Toads | host & parasite co-evolution
  Dr Branislav Titurus
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Dynamics, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Areas of expertise: My primary research focus is on the semi-active fluid-based vibration control devices with particular focus on their design,...
Keywords: helicopter rotor dynamics | helicopter vibration control | semi-active dampers | vibration-based damage detection and model updating | regularisation in inverse problems in vibration | identification in structural dynamics and advanced tests | experimental modal analysis
  Dr Jane Tizard
Post(s): Honorary Senior Lecturer, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: I am a Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist in the Department of Paediatric Nephrology at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.
Keywords: paediatric nephrology
  Professor Jonathan Tobias
Post(s): Professor of Rheumatology, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: Causes, treatment and prevention of osteoporosis (see Academic Rheumatology, Musculoskeletal Research Unit)
Keywords: osteoporosis | bone development
  Dr Andrew Tometzki
Post(s): Senior Clinical Lecturer, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: I am a Consultant in Paediatric Cardiology at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. My specialties are interventional...
Keywords: paediatric cardiology | interventional cardiac catheterisation for congenital & structural heart disease | atrial septal defects | ventricular septal defects | patent arterial ducts | foetal cardiology
  Dr Domingo Tortonese
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Anatomy, Centre for Applied Anatomy
Areas of expertise: My research focuses on the neuroendocrine regulation of fertility. The specific aim is to identify the signal transduction...
Keywords: fertility | signal transduction pathways | gonadotrophin releasing hormone | gonadotrophin secretion | temporal changes in fertility | hypothalamus | pituitary gland
  Dr Yves Tourigny
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Numerical Analysis, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: I am interested in computing. In the past, my research has been largely in the field of traditional numerical analysis, particularly...
Keywords: computing | numerical analysis | computational partial differential equations | series summation | continued fractions | products of random matrices | cryptography
  Dr Julie Townsend
Post(s): Senior Teaching Fellow, Centre for Applied Anatomy
Areas of expertise: Research interests: Investigations on the intra-pituitary control of fertility, with particular reference to the role...
Keywords: intra-pituitary control of fertility | fertility | gonadotroph cells | folliculostellate cells | lactotroph cells | breeding | control of fertility
  Dr Ash Toye
Post(s): Reader in Cell Biology, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: My PhD with Prof. Owen Jones (University of Bristol) was on the generation of reactive oxygen species by neutrophils and...
Keywords: the bicarbonate transporter protein family: trafficking & molecular interactions in health and disease
  Professor Martyn Tranter
Post(s): Professor of Polar Biogeochemistry, School of Geographical Sciences
Areas of expertise: Biogeochemical processes in the cryosphere, sub-ice sheet hyrdorlogy and hydrochemistry.
Keywords: hydrology | hydrochemistry | biogeochemical processes | cryosphere
  Dr Richard Trask
Post(s): Reader, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Areas of expertise: I am a member of the Aerospace Composites research group, working in the field of Multifunctional Composites. - Self-healing...
Keywords: aerospace composites | multifunctional composites | self-healing system | space composite structures | functional repair components | biometic plana
  Professor Christopher Truman
Post(s): Professor of Solid Mechanics, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Areas of expertise: I work on problems related to failure of materials, the integrity of components and structures. This includes determining...
Keywords: structural integrity | mechanical engineering | stress analysis | contact mechanics | material behaviour
  Dr Theo Tryfonas
Post(s): Reader in Smart Cities, Department of Civil Engineering
Areas of expertise: I am primarily interested in conducting research work within the following fields: Applications of computing in civil...
Keywords: computing in civil engineering systems | urban information infrastructures design | wireless sensors | sustainable development | security engineering and forensic computing | higher education
  Dr Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova
Post(s): Research Associate, School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience
Areas of expertise: The area of my research is mathematical biology. My current research focuses on problems of mathematical neuroscience. In...
Keywords: mathematical biology | theoretical neuroscience | mathematical modelling | dynamical systems | bifurcation analysis | coupled nonlinear oscillators
  Dr Emma Turner
Post(s): Senior Research Associate, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: My research interests are in the areas of Prostate cancer; Psychological impact of cancer on patient and supportive others;...
Keywords: prostate cancer
  Dr Katrina Turner
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: In my current post I have a responsibility to develop and manage qualitative studies, many of which are nested within large...
Keywords: qualitative research methods | type 2 diabetes | childhood obesity | depression | sexual health
  Dr Katy Turner
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Infectious Diseases, Bristol Veterinary School
Areas of expertise: I am an applied epidemiologist and mathematical modeller. I have worked on analysing the impact of health interventions using...
Keywords: sexual health | mathematical modelling | infectious diseases | chlamydia | antimicrobial resistance | whole genome sequencing | surveillance | zoonoses
  Dr Helene Turon
Post(s): Reader in Economics, Department of Economics
Areas of expertise: My research interests are in labour economics. I am interested in both theoretical and empirical aspects of labour market...
Keywords: labour economics | labour market models | labour reallocation | public-private pay gap | earnings dynamics