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  Dr Mark Jackson
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Postcolonial Geographies, School of Geographical Sciences
Areas of expertise: My research interests lie at the intersections between philosophy and social theory, post-colonialism, urban studies, social...
Keywords: postcolonialism | urban present | historiography | modernity | political ecology | critical pedagogies
  Professor Russ Jago
Post(s): Professor of Paediatric Physical Activity and Public Health, School for Policy Studies
Areas of expertise: My research focuses on understanding the factors that influence children and adolescents physical activity, screen-viewing...
Keywords: children | adolescence | physical activity | dietary behaviours | obesity | diabetes | parents | peers
  Dr Andrew James
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience
Areas of expertise: Our laboratory studies the cellular electrophysiology of cardiac muscle and the generation of arrhythmias, particularly atrial...
Keywords: cardiac cellular electrophysiology | arrhythmia | patch clamp recording | isolated heart perfusion | cardiac myocytes | cardiac remodelling | atrial fibrillation | conduction mapping
  Dr Stephen James
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, Department of English
Areas of expertise: -Modern poetry and authority -Poetry of political witness -Poetry in translation -Landscape poetry -Repetitions and refrains -Literary...
Keywords: modern poetry | repetition in literature | nature poetry
  Professor David Jane
Post(s): Professor in Chemical Pharmacology, School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience
Areas of expertise: The group is concerned with the design, synthesis and pharmacological characterisation of analogues of the neurotransmitter...
Keywords: drug design | synthetic organic chemistry | amino acids | medicinal chemistry | computer-aided molecular modelling | neuropharmacology of glutamate receptors
  Dr Philip Jardine
Post(s): Senior Clinical Lecturer in Clinical Sciences, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: I am a paediatric neurologist with a special interest in neuromuscular disease at the Institute of Child Health in Bristol.
Keywords: paediatric neurology | neuromuscular disease
  Professor Christopher Jarrold
Post(s): Professor in Cognitive Development and Head of School, School of Experimental Psychology
Areas of expertise: I am a psychologist whose primary focus is the development in children of cognitive abilities such as memory and thinking....
Keywords: autism | Williams syndrome | Down syndrome | Down's syndrome | children's memory development | children's cognitive development | pretend play
  Professor Howard Jenkinson
Post(s): Emeritus Professor, Bristol Dental School
Areas of expertise: I have worked for 25 years studying mechanisms by which microbes (bacteria and fungi) cause infections. My primary expertise...
Keywords: microbiology and medicine | Streptococcus | Candida | dentistry and microbiology | heart disease and infections | oral diseases | biofilms
  Dr Marcus Jepson
Post(s): Research Fellow, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Lecturer in Qualitative Health Science, Bristol Medical School (PHS)
Areas of expertise: A focus of my research in the School for Policy Studies has been on the implementation and application of the Mental Capacity...
Keywords: mental capacity | conversation analysis | qualitative research methods | Health and Social Care Research
  Dr Mark Jepson
Post(s): Reader in Cell Biology, Biomedical Sciences Faculty Office
Reader in Cell Biology, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: The virulence of pathogenic bacteria relies on their ability to induce signals within host-cells to alter their behaviour....
Keywords: pathogenic bacteria | proteins | toxins | bacteria | bacterial modulation | molecular mechanisms | epithelial cells
  Professor Jamie Jeremy
Post(s): Emeritus Professor, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: My principal research area is the pathophysiology and prevention of vein graft failure, in particular the role of reactive...
Keywords: pathophysiology | vein graft failure | reactive oxygen species | angiogenesis | pulmonary arterial disease | oxidative stress
  Dr Anders Johansson
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Systems Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
Areas of expertise: Modeling, analysis, monitoring, and prediction of human crowds.
Keywords: crowd modeling | crowd disasters | human mobility
  Dr Bob Johnson
Post(s): Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: Epidemiology, prevention and management of herpes zoster (shingles) and its complications (particularly postherpetic neuralgia)....
Keywords: Herpes zoster | shingles | Varicella zoster virus | immunesenescence | vaccination of older adults
  Dr Jason Johnson
Post(s): Senior Research Fellow, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: My research focuses on atherosclerosis – the build up of fatty material on the lining of arteries to form “plaques” that...
Keywords: atherosclerosis
  Professor Oliver Johnson
Post(s): Professor of Information Theory, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: My work involves a variety of theoretical problems in probability and statistics. My core research uses ideas from entropy...
Keywords: probability | information theory | entropy | statistics | mathematics | randomness | odds | gambling
  Professor Ron Johnston
Post(s): Professor of Geography, School of Geographical Sciences
Areas of expertise: Quantitative analysis and interpretation of election results. The defintion of Parliamentary constituencies.
Keywords: General Election 2017 | Parliamentary boundaries | Money in politics | Voting patterns | Electoral reform | Bias in election results | Elections
  Dr Dorian Jones
Post(s): Reader in Aerodynamics, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Areas of expertise: I am a member of the Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics Research Group. My research concerns the development of numerical methods...
Keywords: aerodynamics | fluid dynamics | unsteady fluid flows | rotors | flows | incompressible flows | computational aeroelastics | reduced order modelling
  Dr Evan Jones
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Economic and Social History, Department of History (Historical Studies)
Areas of expertise: I specialise in Bristol's fourteenth - seventeenth century maritime history - including shipping, smuggling, trade, privateering...
Keywords: maritime history | Bristol | Cabot | early modern period | trade | smuggling | shipping | voyages of discovery
  Professor Gareth Jones
Post(s): Professor of Biological Sciences, School of Biological Sciences
Areas of expertise: I work on the ecology and behaviour of bats, where my key research areas are: -echolocation -conservation biology -social...
Keywords: echolocation | conservation biology | social behaviour | molecular ecology: phylogeny, population structure and kinship | interactions between echolocating bats and prey that can hear ultrasound
  Dr Hester Jones
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, Department of English
Areas of expertise: I have recently published articles on Alexander Pope, Emily Dickinson, Josephine Butler, Octavia Hill and Adrienne Rich,...
Keywords: Alexander Pope | emily dickinson | josephine butler | octavia hill | Adrienne Rich | w.s. graham | the rossettis
  Professor Kelvyn Jones
Post(s): Professor of Human Quantitative Geography, School of Geographical Sciences
Areas of expertise: Geography of health; spatial analysis; multi-level modelling; the analysis of data with complex structure.
Keywords: human quantitative geography
  Professor Matt Jones
Post(s): Professorial Research Fellow in Neuroscience, School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience
Areas of expertise: How are networks of neurons across numerous brain regions organized during complex processes and behaviour such as learning...
Keywords: neuronal networks | brain | learning and memory | frontal cortex | hippcampus | neuronal oscillations | schizophrenia | sleep
  Professor Michael Jones
Post(s): Professor of Financial Reporting, Department of Accounting and Finance
Areas of expertise: I am a Professor of Financial Reporting and the Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance. I am interested in accounting...
Keywords: accounting | annual report content | financial communication | financial graphs | impression management, fraud & creative accounting | measuring research quality, bibliometrics | social & environmental reporting and assurance, particularly accounting for biodiversity | financial reporting; international financial accounting; accounting theory, scandals and standards
  Dr Mike Jones
Post(s): Reader in Biochemistry, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: Studies in my laboratory are focused on understanding the following: -how the protein controls the rate and efficiency of...
Keywords: structure, mechanism, stability and environment of reaction centres | purple photosynthetic bacteria | biological electron transfer | light-triggered reactions including transient docking of quinones and cytochromes
  Professor Simon Jones
Post(s): Professor of Performance, Department of Theatre
Areas of expertise: My current research interests focus on the nature of the encounter between the body and text in contemporary performance,...
Keywords: contemporary performance | body and text | models of creativity | cultural-materialist | Elizabethan pedagogic exercises | Early Modern perio
  Dr Thomas Jordan
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: The study of dimension theory in dynamical systems. While this is fairly well understood for conformal-hyperbolic dynamical...
Keywords: dimension theory | dynamical systems | conformal-hyperbolic dynamical systems | hyperbolic settings | ergodic theory | geometric measure theory
  Dr Ana E Juncos Garcia
Post(s): Reader in European Politics, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: My primary research interest lies in European foreign and security policy. In particular, my doctoral research analysed the...
Keywords: European foreign and security policy | European Union | EU enlargement | Bosnia | Western Balkans | crisis management | conflict prevention | Spain