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  Dr David Nash
Post(s): Senior Research Fellow, Department of Civil Engineering
Areas of expertise: As a geotechnical engineer I have a particular interest in engineering problems related to the behaviour of soils - for example...
Keywords: geotechnical engineering | soil mechanics
  Professor Guy Nason
Post(s): Professor of Statistics, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: Mathematics and statistics: theory, computation, and application. Areas of application interest: politics, defence, bioinformatics,...
Keywords: statistics | mathematics | politics | defence | bioinformatics | proteomics
  Dr Michael Naughton
Post(s): Reader in Sociology and Law, University of Bristol Law School
Reader in Sociology and Law, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Areas of expertise: Founder and Chair Innocence Network UK, umbrella organisation for member innocence projects in UK universities. See:
Keywords: miscarriages of justice | prisoners maintaining innocence | criminal appeals | innocence projects | harm of wrongful convictions | expert witness evidence
  Professor Simon Neild
Post(s): Professor in Nonlinear Structural Dynamics/Head of Department Civil Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Areas of expertise: Vibration suppression: My work includes developing a device for suppressing upper limb tremor for patients with multiple...
Keywords: adaptive control | substructuring | control of hydraulic systems | non-linear dynamics | damage detection
  Dr Yuri Netrusov
Post(s): Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics, School of Mathematics
Areas of expertise: Functional spaces; partial differential equations; spectral theory.
Keywords: functional spaces | partial differential equations | spectral theory
  Professor David Newbold
Post(s): Professor of Physics, School of Physics
Areas of expertise: High-energy physicists study the fundamental constituents of matter, the fields that allow them to interact, and the basic...
Keywords: particle physics | CERN | CMS experiment | Higgs boson | Large Hadron Collider (LHC) | superstrings | extra dimensions | grid computing
  Dr Ruth Newbury-Ecob
Post(s): Honorary Professor, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: My research focuses on the genetic causes of congenital malformations, particularly of the heart and upper limb. I led the...
Keywords: congenital malformations | british heart foundation | congenital heart disease | tbox genes | new genetic technologies | obesity | Barth syndrome | inherited cardiac conditions
  Professor Andrew Newby
Post(s): Emeritus Professor, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: My research interests are vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques and vein-graft failure and angioplasty restenosis. Myocardial...
Keywords: diabetes | plaque rupture | vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques | plaque | vein-graft failure | angioplasty restenosis | myocardial infarction
  Professor Andrew Nix
Post(s): Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Engineering Faculty Office
Areas of expertise: Expertise broadly in the areas of Radiowave propagation and digital communication system design and optimisation. Antenna...
Keywords: wireless LANs | antennas and radiowave propagation | cellular phones and standards | Internet of Things | vehicular communications (V2V and V2I) | OFDMA and SCFDMA | wi-fi | 5G (mmWave and Massive MIMO)
  Dr Angela Nobbs
Post(s): Senior Lecturer, Bristol Dental School
Areas of expertise: Defining the molecular mechanisms that enable bacterial colonisation of the host, focusing specifically on streptococci....
Keywords: Streptococcus | surface proteins | intermicrobial interactions
  Professor Catherine Nobes
Post(s): Professor of Cell Biology and Head of School, School of Biochemistry
Areas of expertise: Regulation of cell migration by ephrin-mediated contact repulsion. Eph receptors and ephrins are surface proteins that...
Keywords: cell migration | ephrin-mediated contact repulsion | Eph receptors | ephrins | cell repulsion | actin cytoskeleton | Ephs
  Dr Michael Norman
Post(s): Honorary Senior Lecturer, Bristol Medical School (THS)
Areas of expertise: My group is studying mechanisms of hormone signalling, with a particular emphasis on factors which determine hormone responsiveness...
Keywords: hormone signalling | hormone responsiveness | growth hormone | surface receptors | glucocorticoid | oestrogen
  Professor Nick Norman
Post(s): Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Head of School, School of Chemistry
Areas of expertise: Our research interests are in the general area of main group element chemistry and focus primarily on the synthesis and characterisation...
Keywords: novel molecular species | solid state materials | low oxidation state boron chemistry
  Professor Tonia Novitz
Post(s): Professor of Labour Law, University of Bristol Law School
Areas of expertise: An expert in international and European labour law and human rights, as well as UK employment law, I teach courses on all...
Keywords: labour law | industrial action | international human rights | European social policy | workers' rights | employment law
  Professor Jan Noyes
Post(s): Professor of Human Factors Psychology, School of Experimental Psychology
Areas of expertise: My academic, professional qualifications and research interests are in Applied Psychology, and more specifically, Human Factors...
Keywords: human factors psychology | cognitive ergonomics
  Dr Jose Nunez-Yanez
Post(s): Reader in Adaptive and Energy Efficient Computing, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Areas of expertise: I am an expert in the area of hardware lossless data compression, signal processing with embedded systems (e.g. ARM), video...
Keywords: reconfigurable computing | lossless data compression | video coding | embedded processor architectures | multiprocessors | FPGA