Postgraduate accommodation fees

The accommodation fee you pay depends on the type of room you have. We have a wide variety of accommodation and so the fees are varied too. Fees are calculated using a number of factors including room size, whether you have a basin, or en suite, facilities at your residence such as common rooms and bars, gardens and sports facilities or any enhancement to your room.

Your accommodation fee includes:

  • all gas, electricity and water rates,
  • internet
  • basic contents insurance
  • a Social Fund contribution

Accommodation fees are published on each residence page and are available to download as a single document below.

Postgraduate accommodation fees 2021/22 (PDF, 189KB)

Rent in advance

When you are made a room offer, you will need to pay rent in advance to accept your accommodation. To make payment you will need a debit or credit card with a three-digit security code on the reverse. Exactly how you pay depends on which residence you have been offered. Your rent in advance is non-refundable. Full details, including how to make your payment will be provided in your offer email.   

Your accommodation contract with the University

When you accept an offer for University-allocated postgraduate accommodation, you are signing a tenancy agreement that legally commits you to pay the advertised rent on the room for the full duration of the tenancy. You should ensure you have familiarised yourself with the terms and conditions of the tenancy and are prepared to accept these before you proceed with your accommodation application.   

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