Catered accommodation

A place to eat, meet and socialise with friends

Healthy and varied food options

Save money on convenient dining

Find out about the benefits of living in catered accommodation and the variety of food options available to you.

If you want the convenience of having delicious meals prepared for you with the cost included in your accommodation fees, then catered accommodation is for you! 

Living in catered accommodation

Hear from Maretta about what it's like living in catered accommodation at the University of Bristol

About our catered accommodation 

In our catered accommodation, you’ll get two meals a day - breakfast and an evening meal during the week, and breakfast and lunch at weekends during term time.   

Each meal is served at set times in a dining hall conveniently located in your residence or a short walk away. 

For additional meals, you can also choose add-on options, such as lunchtime meal deals, which you can pick up from on-campus cafes in between lectures. 

You'll also have access to a pantry with a fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle and storage space.  

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Healthy and varied food options 

Our award winning in-house catering team, Source, provides a healthy and varied menu that is updated regularly. 

At every meal, there are vegan, vegetarian and plant-based options. Halal chicken is served as standard

All the food and drink served in our dining halls is locally-sourced and sustainable   

A cost-effective option for you

With the cost-of-living rising, here are some of the ways in which living in catered accommodation can be a more cost-effective option for you: 

  • We have frozen the costs of living in catered accommodation meaning that you will pay last year’s prices for accommodation, utilities, and food. 

  • As part of your accommodation fee, you will have two substantial meals a day in our on-site dining halls. This makes budgeting for food a lot easier - and the best part is that there's no washing up to do! 

  • You can buy additional meals and drinks to collect from any of our on-campus cafes.

  • You can save over £5 by purchasing a bundle of lunchtime meals in advance:

Further information

For information about mealtimes, dining halls, pre-ordering meals and about catering to your dietary requirements, visit the Kitchens, catering and meals page 

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