Students and the community

All students, whether living in University or privately rented accommodation, are part of the local community. The University takes pride in the value that our students bring to Bristol, in terms of voluntary activity, collaborative initiatives and enrichment of the diversity and culture that makes Bristol special. The University also recognises the challenge of integrating students with the wider population and has a range of measures in place to addresses this.

Policies and Procedures

The University has a Good Neighbour Policy (PDF, 188KB) as well as Local Rules (PDF, 101kB) for students living in the community. 

Our commitment to community liaison

Download our paper: How we support community cohesion and manage student behaviour in the community (PDF, 84kB) 

Parking information relating to Stoke Bishop

Download our Q&A document for residents: Stoke Bishop parking information (PDF, 177kB)

Hello neighbour

Find out how the University, it's staff and students are active in Bristol. Keep up to date and get involved in our role in the community.

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