Before you move in

Find out everything you need to do before moving into your University accommodation.

Complete the Accommodation Induction

Before you move in, it is compulsory for you to complete the Accommodation Induction. This is available via the Accommodation Portal

It contains important information, including health and safety procedures, our student support teams, and lots more. 

Find out who you’ll be living with 

Once you have completed the Accommodation Induction, you will be able to view the names of your flatmates. The 'My Flatmates' page can be found on the homepage of the Accommodation Portal. 

Please note that we will only share your preferred name if you give us consent to do so.  

Book your arrival slot 

To manage the large number of students who will be moving into University accommodation, a timed arrival system will be in place.  

You will need to book a 30-minute arrival slot at your residence via the Accommodation Portal when this opens on 21 August 2023.

Arrival information

Your Residence Guide covers everything you need to know about living in your accommodation, as well as information about arriving and collecting your room keys. 

Print your temporary car parking permit (North Residential Village only)

For students moving into accommodation in the North Residential Village, you will be required to display a temporary car parking permit in your car on arrivals day. This will allow you to park in the designated car park for 40 minutes.  

The temporary car parking permit will be available via the Accommodation Portal once you have booked your arrival slot. You will need to print your temporary car parking permit and bring this with you on arrivals day.   

Download your check-in QR code

When you book your arrival slot, you will be able to download your check-in QR code via the Accommodation Portal. You must keep a copy of your check-in QR code as you will need to show this to residence staff on your moving in day. 

Plan your journey

After booking your arrival slot, you will be able to view 'Your arrival information' page on the Accommodation Portal. This will include your residence address, car parking locations, where to check-in and collect your room keys, and your residence contact details.

It can be busy around the city and campus, particularly during arrivals, so please allow time for any delays. The Travel to Bristol page has guidance for students planning to travel from overseas.

Buy a TV licence 

You will need to buy TV licence if you: 

  • watch or record programmes as they are being shown on TV, on any channel; 
  • download or watch BBC programmes on BBC iPlayer; or 
  • you watch or stream programmes live on an online TV service. 

Check your contents insurance 

Your University accommodation insurance policy is listed in your Residence Guide. You should check the contents insurance cover provided meets your needs and arrange additional cover if required. 

Pack the essentials 

When it comes to packing, we recommend you pack light and wait to see what you need. Read your Residence Guide and our What to bring and what is provided page.  

You can also pre-order kitchen equipment and bedding from Accommodation Supplies at Pattersons. You can get your items delivered to your residence and they can be stored for up to 10 days before you arrive.  

Download your bus pass for the Bristol Unibus U1 service

Before you arrive, you need to download your bus pass for the Bristol Unibus U1 service (term time only). We will send you an email with your unique voucher code with instructions on how to download your bus pass. 

It is important to note that this bus pass is not available to students living in postgraduate-only accommodation.

Apply for a student car parking permit

We recommend that you don't bring a car to Bristol unless it is essential, for example because of a disability. If you need to bring a car, you must apply for a student car parking permit. Applications are open from 4 September 2023. 

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