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Latest coronavirus (COVID-19) advice

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Travel to the UK

Before you leave

Check the following:

  1. Your government's restrictions on taking money out of your home country.
  2. What items you can bring into the UK.
  3. Your luggage weight against your airline's allowance.
  4. Your travel insurance is valid. If you do not have travel insurance we recommend that you get some and bring the insurance documents with you.

We recommend you buy travel insurance and bring these documents with you.

When to travel

University accommodation

If you have arranged to live in a University of Bristol residence aim to arrive when your accommodation opens. Our Accommodation Office will contact you with this information. If you arrive before this you will need to book a hotel.

International Foundation Programme students

If you are staying in King Square, fill out this form to let us know when you will arrive.

Private accommodation

If you have already arranged private accommodation, check with your landlord when you can move in before you book your travel. 

If you need to find accommodation, read our advice about how to find private accommodation in Bristol. 

What to pack

Make sure you check:

Make sure to bring these important documents.

Arriving in the UK

At the border

Read the current government advice pages about entering the UK, including information about providing your contact details before your arrival date, so that you know what to expect when you plan your entry to the UK. There is currently some important information that you will need to read and act on ahead of your arrival date.

To help you through passport control and customs when you arrive at the UK border, read the UK Border Force guide to faster travel through the UK border and watch our YouTube videos on customs, and security.


Do not use eGates at the airport if you need to get a short-term study visa stamp at the UK border. You can only get visa stamps from a border officer.

Airport transfers

Our airport transfer service will start operating again in September 2021.

Further information about airport transfers.

Travel to Bristol from within the UK

Find out how to get here by coach, car, or train.

Support when you arrive

The University will help with the costs of coronavirus testing and quarantine where required. Find out what support is available and how to get it. 

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