International students: When you arrive

Find out about what to do when you first get here, events to help you settle in and support available.

Complete registration

Once you have confirmed your registration details you will receive your student number and login information required to access most University systems (including email).

Your registration will not be complete until you:

1. Collect and activate your university ID card (UCard).

2. Attend an appointment to complete a student document check (right to study) if you are subject to immigration control.

If your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) has been delivered to the University, you will be given it at your student document check. If you are collecting it from the Post Office, bring it with you to your appointment. 

Open a bank account

It can take a few weeks to open a bank account. Find out what documents you need and how to do it. 

To get a university bank letter you must be a fully registered student.

Pay your fees

Criminals sometimes target students through scams and online fraud. This can be online, via email or social media, or by phone. Find out what to watch out for and how to protect yourself.


If you haven't found accommodation before arriving in the UK, see our advice on how to find private accommodation.

Doctors, healthcare and vaccinations


See our guide to accessing healthcare services in the UK. Register with the Student Health service or other GP (doctor) as soon as possible. 

Tell our Disability Services if you have a health problem, mental health issue, or a disability. We may provide equipment, extra time for exams, or other adjustments.


Find out about getting vaccinations.


If you're feeling anxious, lonely or worried, or you are concerned about someone else, request support so that we can help you.

Get a mobile phone

You may need a UK mobile number to use some services in the UK. Find out how to get a UK mobile phone.

Get to know Bristol

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