Flat types

We have accommodation options to suit everyone, including designated flats for students with specific living preferences or requirements. Read details on each of the flat types to decide if one of these is right for you.

No alcohol flat

If you live in one of our no alcohol flats, you must not consume alcohol anywhere in the flat. This includes your room as well as any shared spaces such as kitchens and corridors. In addition, we ask you to respect others by not allowing visitors into the flat who are under the influence of alcohol. 

Students living in no alcohol flats must uphold this agreement throughout their tenancy. 

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Single-sex flat

We offer separate female-only and male-only flats for students who do not wish to live in a mixed-gender environment. You may wish to apply for single-sex accommodation for religious or cultural reasons, or because you feel more comfortable living with members of the same sex only.  

Students living in single-sex accommodation can have visitors or guests of the opposite sex in their accommodation. In addition, University staff or contractors of either sex may enter the accommodation from time to time; you will be given notice of this in advance. 

Please note that over 90% of students applying for single-sex accommodation are international, therefore most of our single-sex flats consist entirely of international students. 

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Single-sex and no alcohol flat

We offer female-only no alcohol flats and male-only no alcohol flats for students who prefer to live in a single-sex environment without alcohol. 

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LGBT+ flat

We offer mixed-gender LGBT+ flats for students who prefer to live with, or feel most supported living with, other LGBT+ students. 

Applying for an LGBT+ flat is entirely optional. You may wish to apply because of your LGBT+ identity, for social reasons or practical reasons, or because you are transitioning. 

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We also have a number of residences that offer gender-neutral bathroom facilities, these are:

Catered residences

Self-catered residences

Mature flat

If you are aged 21 or over, and would prefer to live with other mature students, you can request this in your accommodation application. We will do our best to ensure that your flat is made up of mature students. However, it is likely that students living in surrounding flats will be aged 18 or 19. 

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Quiet flat

We understand that some students would prefer to live in a quieter environment, whether it be for medical or religious reasons, to focus on their studies, or to alleviate concerns about noise from student parties.  

It is important to note that we cannot regulate any external noises.

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How to apply to live in one of our flat types

If you would like to live in one of our flat types, you must specify this in your application. We will use this information to offer you accommodation that is as closely matched to your needs as possible. 

Please note that we prioritise flat type requests over location or room type preferences. 

If you don't want to apply for any of these options, you can select No request in your application - please note no student will be placed in a flat type unless they have applied to live there. 

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