Family and couples accommodation

Find out more about the family and couple accommodation available at the University.

Family accommodation

The University has a small number of flats suitable for students with one or two children under 5 years old.

Family accommodation is very limited, so priority is given to:

  • New international students coming to Bristol for the first time.
  • New students who may find it difficult to find accommodation in the private sector, for example due to disability, health or welfare reasons.

Due to limited availability, even if you meet the above criteria, we cannot guarantee to make you an offer of family accommodation.

Therefore, we strongly advise you not to bring children or dependents to Bristol with you until you have found somewhere suitable for them to live. 

If we are able to make you an offer of family accommodation, it will be for one year only and you will need to find accommodation in the private sector for the remainder of your studies.

Browse family accommodation

Family accommodation is available in Manor Hall (in Sinclair House building). Family accommodation tenancies are fixed-term for one academic year (51 weeks).  

Couple accommodation

We have a limited number of rooms which are suitable for couples. These are studios or 1-bedroom apartments which have one double bed to share.

To live in couple accommodation, both members of the couple must be students or, if one of you is not a student, the non-student must have a "No recourse to public funds" stamp in their passport.

Postgraduate students can let us know on their accommodation application if they would like to request a double occupancy room.

Due to limited availability, we cannot guarantee to make you an offer of couples accommodation. However, if we are unable to offer you a double occupancy room but you are a guaranteed student, we will offer you a single occupancy room instead.

Browse couple accommodation

Couple accommodation (studios or double occupancy rooms) is available in:

Couple accommodation tenancies are fixed-term for one academic year (51 weeks).

How and when to apply

Applications for family and couple accommodation open on 5 March 2024 and close on 30 June 2024.

Find out everything you need to know about applying for University accommodation, from how to register on our Accommodation Portal, to completing your application and receiving an offer of University accommodation. 

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