Mental health services

One in four of the GP consultations at the Students' Health Service is for a mental health issue and all of the GPs have an interest in this area of healthcare.

We are happy to see anyone who is worried about their mental health, either in a routine appointment or, if urgent, in a same day appointment. If the issue is particularly complex then we may ask you to come back quite soon to allow a more in depth discussion than is possible in our urgent appointment slots.

We work closely with the Student Counselling Service when a student consents for us to discuss their care.

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, psychosis, bipolar disorder or any other mental ill health, then we are here to help. We won't judge, and we will refer you to appropriate support services if you want us to. We have access to free therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and self hypnosis to name but three.

Do refer to our useful links page for additional support service information. If you have any concerns then please come and see us sooner rather than later, as it is much better to deal with a problem before it becomes a crisis. We can also liaise with your academic department if you wish us to, and with your consent.