Here at Student Health we specialise in the care of young people with Type 1 diabetes.

We encourage all our newly registered patients with diabetes to come in within the first few weeks of the first term to see our practice diabetes nurse (Nurse Hastings), who has years of experience dealing with young people with diabetes. She will explain to you how our service works and check that you are up to date with your annual review. She will then make an appointment for you with Dr Fiona Hayes, the lead GP for diabetes, so that all your repeat prescriptions can be arranged and added to the computer record. The aim is that you should be able to order all your repeat prescriptions via our online ordering system or by requesting at reception without having to make a doctor’s appointment, following these initial appointments.

If you arrive at University already having diabetes then you will no doubt be under a hospital consultant clinic at home. We are happy for you to continue this arrangement even though you are registered with us as your GP practice; though obviously it will be better for you to arrange your appointments in the University vacations. We encourage every patient to get their consultant to write to us following clinic appointments with information regarding annual reviews and ongoing care plans etc. Alternatively we can refer you to a specialist diabetologist here in Bristol; especially if you were about to move from the paediatric to the adult care or transition clinic. We can arrange for you to have an appointment at a transition clinic here in Bristol and ensure that you are seen by a diabetes specialist at least annually and also have access to diabetes specialist nurses based at the hospital.

We ensure that you have an annual review where your kidney function, peripheral nervous system and blood sugars are measured ( HbA1C levels) as well as having a session of digital retinal screening, held here within the practice, where your eyes are checked.

If you are concerned that you may be developing diabetes because you have the classic symptoms of rapid weight loss, excessive thirst and passing urine more frequently then please make an appointment to see the duty doctor and we can investigate this further.

You can order repeat prescriptions online via patient access by requesting a PIN number from reception.