If you are absent during your studies

You may be absent due to illness or other reasons, and this may affect your studies.

  • Use the table to find out if you need to fill in a form (an absence form, extenuating circumstances form), or obtain a medical certificate.
  • Visit us to discuss your medical problems.
  • Inform your department if you have any problems with your course.

Absent during a teaching period

Forms you must complete if you are absent from teaching
Reason for absenceForm to be completed
Absent due to illness for 7 consecutive days or less Inform your school and complete a Self-certification for absence form (Office document, 74kB).
Absent due to illness for more than 7 consecutive days Complete an Extenuating Circumstances form (Office document, 49kB)
Unable to attend a summative exam or submit a summative coursework assignment by the deadline Complete an Extenuating Circumstances form (Office document, 49kB)
Absent due to non-health reasons, such as bereavement You do not need to see a doctor or get a 'sick note'. However, an Extenuating Circumstances form (Office document, 49kB) may still be required for your school/faculty.

You do not need a doctor's appointment to requst a medical certificate. If your illness lasts for more than 7 days and you are completing an extenuating circumstances form then you can email the office with a request.

Contact: admin@gp-L81133.nhs.uk.

Remember to include your reasons for the request, and what support you are requesting from the university.

Submit your completed form to your school/department within two working days of the end of the period of absence.

Request an extension

You must submit work on time unless an extension has been agreed by your School. Schools will not accept late submission without penalty where no extension has been granted.

Contact your school to discuss an extension.

Absent during your exams

What you need to do if you are ill during your exams
Impact of illness on examAction required
Miss an exam completely due to illness

Self certify[link]. Notify your school office prior to the exam. No medical evidence is required.

If you are absent from an exam due to illness and self certify you will be required to take the exam in the next standard exam period without penalty.

Leave exam early due to illness

If you start an exam but leave early due to ill health you must attend a doctor's appointment the same day, to get a medical certificate dated that day. Submit this to your school office with an extenuating circumstances form [link]. Submit this before the meeting of the relevant Board of Examiners.

If your exam is on Saturday contact the out of hours doctor via NHS 111 to get medical advice. There is no emergency / duty doctor at Students' Health Service at the weekend.

We will receive the Out Of Hours doctor report on the following Monday, allowing us to draft a simple note, should one be necessary, for the student, via our office, without further consultation, unless you are still unwell of course. Should you require a note, please email us on our admin email address.

Self certifying

You must submit your completed self certification form to your school/department within two working days of the end of the period of absence.

Your data

  • The information provided in the forms will be held by the University and processed by staff in your school and faculty office  to keep a  record of your absence.
  • Your school will monitor the frequency of self-certified absences and will inform you of their procedures to follow up multiple instances.
  • Your Head of School may request you provide medical certification in multiple and sustained instances of self-certified illness.
  • Information will be recorded and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Further information

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