Make an appointment with us

Find out what types of appointments are available and how to make an appointment to see a doctor or nurse at our Students' Health Centre.

Before you begin

You need to be a registered patient at the Student Health Centre to book an appointment.

If you are not registered yet, find out how to register with us

Types of appointments

Routine appointments

Routine appointments are usually booked several weeks in advance. These appointments are best suited to follow-up continuing problems. You can usually choose which doctor or nurse you see.

Same-day appointments

In some situations, you can book to see someone on the same day you call. You will need to call from 8.45 am on weekdays to ask for a same-day appointment. Getting a same-day appointment depends on the availability of the doctors and nurses. 

Telephone appointments

Telephone appointments may be offered on busy days. A doctor will call you back and if necessary, they may advise you to come to the centre. 

Make an appointment over the phone

You can phone the centre to make an appointment. 

Tel: 0117 3302720 and select option 1. 

Make an appointment online

To make an appointment online, you must be registered for online services. 

Register for online services

To register for online services, you need to visit the Student Health Centre and ask at reception about registering for online services. You will then receive a letter which will allow you to register for online services.

Using online services

Once you are registered for online services, you can book online.

All available appointments are listed and shows the name of the doctor or nurse and the medical service available. 

Certain specialist medical services cannot be booked online. These include travel clinics, coil fitting clinics and clinics with our psychiatric and eating disorder services. Same-day appointments also can't be online. If you need one of these services, you should make an appointment over the phone.

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