Freedom of Information and Data Protection

Freedom of Information and Data Protection – how does this impact on the data held on the UCard database?

Data Protection

Personal access reports

Personal access information will not routinely be divulged to any third parties. Typical reasons for requesting this information may include; a disciplinary investigation; after a crime has occurred or because of health and safety concerns. If approved, the Secretary/Director of Legal Services will inform the Head of Security to release the requested information to the enquirer.

UCard users can make a subject access request for their own usage information via the Secretary's Office.

In an emergency Security Services may also make use of personal access reports, as part of its crime prevention and safety role, without prior authorisation from the Secretary or Director of Legal Services.

Personal access information will not be divulged to third parties unless the cardholder is the subject of a Data Protection Act request by a relevant external agency (e.g. the police).

Freedom of Information

All Freedom of Information requests should be submitted to the University’s Information Rights Officer, or his representative.

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