Student Fraud

Dear Student

We've been made aware of two students being targeted by a scam where criminals attempted to persuade them to transfer a large amount of money to the Beijing Police. Students were sent a fake warrant for their arrest and told they had a number of hours to transfer £30,000 to a bank in China.

The victims were targeted through phone calls, emails and WhatsApp.

If you receive messages demanding money so you can stay in the UK, please don't send any. Such arrest warrants are fake and sending money is likely to fund further crime. if you haven't given any personal details or exposed your personal details then you should report this phishing attempt to the authorities who are Action Fraud, part of the UK Government's National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre.

If you believe you have been targeted already, it is important that you report this as a crime immediately. It is Fraud (defined as where trickery is used to gain a dishonest advantage, which is often financial, over another person). You can do this online and receive immediate help, 24 hours a day at Action Fraud.

We are very concerned that our students have been victims of this crime and are offering support to anyone who's been affected. If you have been affected by this scam and need help from our support teams, you are welcome to contact the Student Wellbeing Service who have Advisers in each of the academic schools or the Residential Life Service who have Advisers in each of the residences. You can contact them by telephone - 0117 428 4300 - or by emailing

Lynn Robinson

Deputy Registrar