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Undergraduate accommodation offers

Accommodation offers for guaranteed students who applied in the first round of applications will be made on 21 August. 

Accommodation offers are sent by email over the course of the day. It may take until 6pm to reach you, so please be patient and do not contact us to ask where you offer is before 6pm. Please also ensure you have checked your junk email folder before contacting us if you have not received your offer.

Find out what to do next when you receive your accommodation offer.

Disability and health

Information for students with a disability or health-needs on what our residences have to offer and the information we'll need from you to help find you the most suitable place to live. 

Commute and save

The University runs some arms-length schemes offering budget accommodation options for students who are prepared to commute to the University from further out of the city, where rents are cheaper.

Couple and family

Accommodation for couples and families is available in a limited number of flats and studios in University residences across the campus. 

Privately rented accommodation

Find accommodation and housemates, and learn about what to look out for when renting in the private sector.

Staff housing

Information for staff seeking accommodation and for those already renting.

Non-guaranteed applicants

Information on accommodation for non-guaranteed applicants joining us as an insurance choice, an adjustment, through clearing or if you missed the guarantee deadline of June 30th.

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