How to submit an accommodation application

Find out how to register on our Accommodation Portal and how to complete your accommodation application.

Accommodation applications now closed

The accommodation application for guaranteed applicants has now closed.

You can apply for any remaining spaces in residences in the non-guaranteed round of applications which will open from 19 August- 31 August 2022, subject to availability. If we reach full capacity in our residences, we will close the application at an earlier date. 

We strongly recommend that you also look for accommodation in the private sector as a priority.

Register on our Accommodation Portal

New students wanting to apply in the non-guaranteed round of applications can register on the Accommodation Portal from 1 August 2022.

To register on the Accommodation Portal, you will need to: 

  • include the email address you used when applying for your course;
  • have a University of Bristol student number - you will get this once you have confirmed your place of study at Bristol;
  • confirm your details by verifying your student number and personal email address. 

The non-guaranteed round of applications will open from 19 August 2022 - 31 August 2022, subject to availability.  If we reach full capacity in our residences, we will close the application at an earlier date. Please see the key dates page for more information.

Completing your application

Once you have registered on the Accommodation Portal, you will be ready to complete an accommodation application. View the application key dates page to see when applications open for each student type.

When applications open, you need to log in to the Accommodation Portal and select Apply for student accommodation from the menu. In the application, we will ask you to include: 

Your accommodation needs

To help us ensure the accommodation we offer you is suitable, the first thing we will ask is for anything about you - big or small - that has an impact on your accommodation needs. This could be anything from a health condition to needing a larger bed due to your height. 

Read our accommodation needs page to ensure you have thought about everything you need to include in your application. Anything you don't mention in the application, but tell us at a later date, may mean we are unable to meet your needs.

Your accommodation options

The University will allocate you a room and a residence, so it is not possible to request to live somewhere specific when you apply. However, you will be asked to include a number of options, from what type of flat you would like to live in to your budget, as well as which residences and room types you would prefer. We advise you to browse our about our accommodation section to look at the full range of accommodation options we have before starting your application.   

It is important to note, we do not guarantee that your offer will be for one of the options you have selected in your application.

Once you have filled out all the details in full you can submit your application. You will receive a confirmation email listing the options you put in your application. 

What happens next 

If you have included any accommodation needs, your application will be processed by an Accommodation Officer who may contact you to discuss your application or request further information to ensure we are able to place you in a room that meets your needs.  

All other applications are allocated to rooms using an algorithm that will match as many students as possible to one of their accommodation options. Around 80% of students will receive an offer for one of the accommodation options stated in their application. 

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