Postgraduate study in Bioethics

Bristol Medical School has an outstanding track record of supervising postgraduate research in Bioethics and Healthcare Ethics and Law, mostly though its Centre for Ethics in Medicine, which was the first such Centre to be located within a UK Medical School. Our longstanding track record of research excellence, our national and international standing in the field, and our vibrant research and teaching community makes Bristol Medical School the perfect place to take the next step in your research career.

The quality of support given to me during the development of my PhD research idea and the accompanying funding application was excellent. The unit’s experience with the major funders meant that the application was detailed and focused. This, combined with the ease and willingness to work with researchers from outside the unit to compile the joint application I think significantly contributed to the successful outcome

Dr Guy Scholfield, 1st year PhD student and palliative care physician

Right from the beginning, the support has been exceptional as my supervisor has been willing to go above and beyond. The support has been consistent and unwavering. My supervision sessions are of a very high standard and I always leave with a renewed clarity and feeling positive about the next steps. I really feel I have received the best support for my PhD journey. It has not only been my own supervisor but all of the staff and postgraduate students at the Centre are extremely welcoming and encouraging, and even though I am not based in Bristol I always feel part of the community

Dr Georgina Morley (PhD, 2018), Nursing Ethics Fellow, Cleveland Clinic
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