End of life care

Research into the ethical and legal issues arising in end-of-life decision-making is a major focus of the Centre’s work, which has been recognised internationally.

The Centre’s research in this area covers everyday dilemmas arising in healthcare, such as those concerning the relief of symptoms in terminal illness and whether or not to provide life-sustaining treatment, through to the ethical and legal dimensions of (physician) assisted dying.

Centre staff have published numerous books and articles on these topics and, in their work, have engaged with the public, professionals, policymakers and the international media. 

The idea of dying well continues to pose ethical and legal questions. What is a good – or bad – death? Where should death (not) occur? How should we plan for, care about those who are, dying? And how should death (not) occur? As the Dying Matters coalition says, ‘dying matters – let’s talk about it.

Professor Richard Huxtable, Director, Centre for Ethics in Medicine

Selected work

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