Methodology in Bioethics

Much of the research conducted at the Centre is focussed around methodological innovation in bioethics, and the Centre has internationally recognised expertise in the developing field of empirical bioethics.

We undertake research into how to conduct interdisciplinary and empirical bioethics, and we also use empirical bioethics methodologies in a variety of research projects.

Centre staff have been instrumental in the ongoing development of the field, including editing the first book dedicated to empirical bioethics and chairing a European consensus project on standards of practice in empirical bioethics.

Featured publication.

Empirical Bioethics: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives.

Edited by Jonathan Ives, Mikey Dunn & Alan Cribb

Cambridge University Press, 2017

Methodology is and ought be at the heart of bioethics research. We need to think carefully about the questions we are asking, and then ask what the best way to answer those questions is. It all comes back to the question, and what we want to be able to do with the answer.

Dr Jonathan Ives, Deputy Director, Centre for Ethics in Medicine

Selected work

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