Professor Tariq Modood


Dr Jon Fox

Assistant Director, Professor

Dr Katharine Charsley


Dr Jo Haynes

Senior Lecturer

Dr Saffron Karlsen

Associate Professor

Dr Therese O’Toole


Professor Bridget Anderson

Professor of Migration, Mobilities and Citizenship

Professor Julia O'Connell Davidson

Professor in Social Research

Dr Pier Luc Dupont Picard Research Associate
Dr Filippo Dionigi Lecturer in Politics and International Relations
Dr Jonathan Floyd Senior Lecturer in Political Theory
Dr Mengia Tschalaer Marie Curie Research Fellow
Dr Katya Braginskaia Senior Research Associate
Dr Leonidas Tsilipakos Lecturer in Sociology
Dr Marcus Morgan Lecturer in Sociology
Dr Samuel Okyere Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Dr Natalie Hyacinth Senior Research Associate
Dr Magda Mogilnicka Lecturer in Sociology
Dr Thomas Sealy Lecturer in Ethnicity and Race
Dr Morteza Hashemi Lecturer in Sociology


Affiliated Members



Dr Parveen Akhtar

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, University of Aston

Dr Marta Bolognani

 Affiliated member

Emeritus Professor Harriet Bradley

 Affiliated member

Professor Esther Dermott

School of Policy Studies

Emeritus Professor Steve Fenton

School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Dr Stephen Jones

University of Birmingham

Dr Will Guy

Affiliated member

Dr Daniel Nilsson DeHanas

Senior Lecturer in Political Science and Religion, Kings College London University

Dr Jan Dobbernack

Lecturer in Political Sociology, Newcastle University

Dr Nabil Khattab

Professor of Race, Idenity and Citizenship, Royal Society of Edinburgh

Alexander Marra

Downside School, Bath

Dr Nasar Meer

Professor of Race, Identity and Citizenship, UNiversity of Edinburgh

Dr Siobhan McAndrew

Senior Lecturer

Abdullah Parmaksiz

Affiliated Member, Ankara

Dr Varun Uberoi

Reader in Politics and History, Brunel University

Professor Stephen May

Deputy Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland

Dr Fauzia Ahmad

Senior Lecturer, Goldsmiths University of London

Serena Hussein

Associate Professor, Centre for Trust Peace and Social Relations 

Dr Simon Thompson

Associate Professor in Political Theory, University of the West of England

Neema Begum

Research Associate, University of Manchester

Dr Denitsa Pencheva

Lecturer in Politics and Public Policy, UCL

Dr Melanie Griffiths

Birmingham Fellow, University of Birmingham

Dr Ravi Dhami

Independent Researcher

Dr Erdem Dikici

Independent Researcher

Dr Rebecca Tan

Lecturer, College of Humanities and Sciences, National University of Singapore


Research Students


Dissertation title

Pankhuri Agarwal 

Human Trafficking in India: The Discourse on Informal Economy and Labour Unfreedom

Fouzia Azzouz 

The Multicultural Challenge to Secularism: the case of religion and secular politics in Britain

Muhammed Babacan 

Young Turkish-Speaking People in Britain: Negotiating Identities in the Face of Islamophobia 

George Boss

Developing a Marxian conception of human needs

Sarah Fakray 

The influence of social movements from above and below on asylum policy in the UK 

Daniel Godshaw

(Im)mobile masculinities at the border: Identity, power and personal relations in UK Imigration Removal Centres

Francisca Irarrazabal Gonzalez

Ethnic Diversity and Interactions in Public Services in Chile

Nadia Haq

Rethinking Media Discourse on British Muslims: Ideological contestation and the Democratic Media

Zhe Wei Lau

Ethnic Discourse in Malayasian Politics

Lin Ma Encounters: Ethnic Chinese International Students on British Campuses. 
Marcin Polak How Polish Catholics become 'integrated' white Christians.  Race, religion and discursive integration of Polish migrants in Britain.
Sam Hill

Building a community of equals: Challenging alientation in the British working class

Samir Sweida-Metwally  The labour market integration of Muslims in England: A mixed methods enquiry into the religious and cultural factors associated with human capital formation and labour market discrimination
Maite Ibanez Bollerhoff Places of Hostility or Hospitality? Female Muslim Refugees’ Social Integration in Local Communities in Germany


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