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Books and edited volumesBook cover

Nasar Meer, Tariq Modood and Ricard Zapata-Barrero, 2016, Multiculturalism and Interculturalism: Debating the Dividing Lines, Edinburgh University Press


Therese O'Toole and Richard Gale, 2013, Political Engagement Amongst Ethnic Minority Young People: Making a Difference, Palgrave Politics of Identity and Citizenship Series

Political Engagement Amongst Ethnic Minority Young People

Parveen Akhtar, 2013, British Muslim Politics: Examining Pakistani Biraderi Networks, Palgrave Politics of Identity and Citizenship Series

British Muslim Politics

Will Guy, Ed., 2013, From Victimhood to Citizenship: The Path of Roma Integration, Budapest: Pakiv European Roma Fund/Kossuth Publishing Corporation

Katharine Charsley, 2013, Transnational Pakistani Connections: Marrying ‘back home’

Transnational Pakistani Connections: Marrying 'Back Home' (PDF, 4,177kB)

Jo Haynes, 2013, Music, Difference and the Residue of Race, Routledge Research in Race and Ethnicity Series.

Tariq Modood and Jan Dobbernack, 2013, Tolerance, Intolerance and Respect: Hard to Accept? Palgrave Politics of Identity and Citizenship Series.


Katharine Charsley, Ed., 2012, Transnational Marriage. New Perspectives from Europe and Beyond. Routledge: London. Charsley book
Anna Triandafyllidou, Tariq Modood and Nasar Meer, Eds., 2011, European Multiculturalisms: Cultural, Religious and Ethnic Challenges. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. European multiculturalisms book
Tariq Modood and John Salt, Eds., 2011, Global Migration, Ethnicity and Citizenship. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Global Migration, Ethnicity and Citizenship
Tariq Modood, 2010, Still not easy being British. Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham Books. Still not easy being British book
Steve Fenton, 2010, Ethnicity. 2nd Edition. Cambridge: Polity Press.
Marta Bolognani, 2009, Crime and Muslim Britain: Race, Culture and the Politics of Criminology Among British Pakistanis, London: IB Tauris. Marta Bolognani Crime and Muslim Britain Book Cover
Geoffrey Brahm Levey and Tariq Modood (Eds.), 2008, Secularism, Religion and Multicultural Citizenship. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Geoffrey Brahm Levey and Tariq Modood Secularism, Religion and Multicultural Citizenship Book Cover
Tariq Modood, 2007, Multiculturalism. A civic idea. Cambridge: Polity. Tariq Modood Multiculturalism Book Cover
Jon Fox, 2006, Nationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town, with Rogers Brubaker, Margit Feischmidt, and Liana Grancea, Princeton: Princeton University Press. Jon Fox Nationalist Politics Book Cover
Paul Statham, 2005, Contested Citizenship: Immigration and Cultural Diversity in Europe, with Ruud Koopmans, Marco Giugni and Florence Passy. Minneapolis: Minnesota University Press. Paul Statham Contested Citizenship Book Cover
Recent journal articlesJournal cover

Aleksandra Lewicki & Therese O’Toole (2016) "Acts and practices of citizenship: Muslim women’s activism in the UK", Ethnic and Racial Studies

Tariq Modood interviewed by Simon Thompson, 'On being a public intellectual, a Muslim and a multiculturalist', Renewal, April, 24 (2): 90-95

Carver, N. (2016) “For her Protection and Benefit”: The Regulation of Marriage-related Migration to the UK’ Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Charsley, KAH & Bolognani, M, 2016, ‘Being a Freshie is (not) Cool: stigma, capital and disgust in British Pakistani stereotypes of new subcontinental migrants’. Ethnic and Racial Studies 


Khattab, N, and Fox, J (2016), 'East-European immigrants responding to the recession in Britain: Is there a trade-off between unemployment and over-qualification?’, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies: 1-16.

Modood, T. (2016) ‘What is Multiculturalism and what can it learn from Interculturalism’ in ‘Interculturalism versus Multiculturalism – The Cantle-Modood Debate’ in Ethnicities 0(0) 1-24.


Meer, N. and Modood, T. (2015) ‘Religious pluralism in the United States and Britain: Its implications for Muslims and nationhood’, Social Compass, 62(4), pp. 526-540


O'Connell Davidson, Julia. (2016) De-canting ‘Trafficking in Human Beings’, Re-centring the State, The International Spectator, 51:1, 58-73


Tariq Modood and Nabil Khattab, 2015, Explaining Ethnic Differences: Can Ethnic Minority Strategies Reduce the Effects of Ethnic Penalties?, Sociology

Cover image expansion

Fox, J.E.; Moroanu, L.; Szilassy, E (2015) 'Denying Discrimination: Status, `Race', and the Whitening of Britain's New Europeans', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Denying Discrimination: Status, ‘Race’, and the Whitening of Britain's New Europeans

Khattab, N (2014) 'How and when Do Educational Aspirations, Expectations and Achievement Align?', Sociology


Khattab, N. & Johnston, R. (2014) 'Ethno-religious identities and persisting penalties in the UK labor market', The Social Science Journal. 

 Cover image

Modood, T. (2014) ‘Multiculturalism, Interculturalisms and the Majority’, Kohlberg Memorial Lecture, Journal of Moral Education, 43(3): 302–315.


Modood, T. (2014) ‘Hate speech: The feelings and beliefs of the hated' in ‘Understanding and regulating hate speech: A symposium on Jeremy Waldron’s The Harm in Hate SpeechContemporary Political Theory, 13, 104–109. 


Meer, N. & Modood, T. (2014) 'Cosmopolitanism and integrationism: Is multiculturalism in Britain a zombie category?', Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power. 


Dobbernack, J., Meer, N. &Modood, T. (2014) 'Misrecognition and political agency: The case of Muslim organizations in a General Election', The British Journal of Politics and International Relations



Philip Noden, Michael Shiner and Tariq Modood, 2014, University offer rates for candidates from different ethnic categories, Oxford Review of Education Series

Oxford Review of Education

Aleksandra E Lewicki, 2014, Citizenship beyond Multiculturalism?The Requirements of Social Justice in Diverse Societies. The Journal of Contemporary European Studies

Journal of Contemporary European Studies

Stephen Jones, Therese O'Toole, Daniel Nilsson DeHanas. Tariq Modood and Nasar Meer, 2014, A ‘System of Self-appointed Leaders’? Examining Modes of Muslim Representation in Governance in Britain. The British Journal of Politics & International Relations

Cover image for Vol. 16 Issue 2

Parveen Akthar, 2012, British Muslim Political Participation: After Bradford, The Political Quaterly, vol. 83, no. 3, 762-766
Varun Uberoi and Tariq Modood, 2012, Inclusive Britishness: A Multiculturalist Advance, online first Political Studies journal
Therese O'Toole, Daniel Nilsson DeHanas and Tariq Modood, 2012, Balancing tolerance, security and Muslim engagement in the United Kingdom: the impact of the 'Prevent' agenda, online first Critical Studies on Terrorism
Nasar Meer and Tariq Modood, 2012, How does Interculturalism contrast with Multiculturalism, Journal of Intercultural Studies, online first Journal of Intercultural Studies cover
Daniel Nilsson DeHanas and Zacharias P. Pieri, 2011, Olympic Proportions: The Expanding Scalar Politics of the London ‘Olympics Mega-Mosque’ Controversy, Sociology, vol. 45, no. 5, pp. 798-1814 Sociology Cover
Tariq Modood and Jan Dobbernack, 2011, A left communitarianism? What about multiculturalism?, Soundings, Issue 48, Summer 2011, pp. 54-64 Soundings cover
Bindi Shah, Claire Dwyer and Tariq Modood, 2010, Explaining Educational Achievement and Career Aspirations among Young British Pakistanis: Mobilizing ‘Ethnic Capital’?, Sociology, vol. 44, no. 6, pp. 1109-1127 Sociology cover
Jan Dobbernack, 2010, 'Things fall apart': social imaginaries and the politics of cohesion, Critical Policy Studies, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 146-163 Critical Policy Studies Journal Cover
Claire Smetherham, Steve Fenton and Tariq Modood, 2010, How global is the UK academic labour market?, Globalisation, Societies and Education, vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 411-428 Globalisation, Socities and Education Journal Cover
Ranji Devadason, 2010, Cosmopolitanism, Geographical Imaginaries and Belonging in North London, Urban Studies Urban Studies Journal Cover
Tariq Modood, 2010, Moderate Secularism, Religion as Identity and Respect for Religion, Political Quarterly, vol. 81, no. 1, pp. 4-14 Political Quarterly Journal Cover
Nabil Khattab and Steve Fenton, 2009, What Makes Young Adults Happy? Employment and Non-work as Determinants of Life Satisfaction, Sociology, vol. 43, no. 1, pp. 11-26 Sociology Journal Cover
Paul Statham and Ruud Koopmans, 2009, Political party contestation over Europe in the mass media: who criticizes Europe, how, and why? European Political Science Review, 1, pp. 435-463 European Political Science Review Journal Cover
Jon Fox and Cynthia Miller-Idris, 2008, Everyday nationhood, Ethnicities, vol. 8, no. 4, pp. 536-63 Ethnicities Journal Cover


Young Turks and Kurds: A Set of 'Invisible' Disadvantaged Groups

Tariq Modood, Harriet Bradley and Pinar Enneli, Joseph Rowntree Foundation report

This is the first detailed study of some of the most disadvantaged ethnic minority youth in the country--people of Turkish speaking origins including Turkish Cypriots, and Turks and Kurds from mainland Turkey.

Understanding the Educational Needs of Mixed Heritage Pupils (PDF, 793kB)

Leon Tikly (Project Director), Chamion Caballero, Jo Haynes and John Hill

Dr Leon Tikly (Project Director), Chamion Caballero, Dr Jo Haynes and John Hill have announced the publication of their research report (pdf, 790kb), the most comprehensive undertaken in this area to date, drawing attention to a key area of policy that has long been neglected.

Why the Difference? A Closer look at Higher Education Minority Ethnic Students and Graduates (PDF, 1,052kB)

Helen Connor, Claire Tyers,Tariq Modood and Jim Hillage

This report (pdf, 1.02mb) finds that minority ethnic groups are more likely than White people to progress to higher education in England, but on average are less likely to do as well in degree performance and face more problems getting jobs.

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