Change in study location

If by arrangement with your School you decide to leave the UK for longer than 60 days and continue your studies remotely during this time, the University will have to report a change in your study location to the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). This is to notify them that we, as your Student visa sponsor, are aware that you are temporarily studying outside the UK, so that upon your return UK Border Officers do not question your absence from the country or your engagement in your studies.

If you wish to do this, we suggest that you discuss this with your personal tutor or academic supervisor first. If this arrangement is agreed, you can contact your School or Faculty office to request that they fill in the Reporting Change in Study Location Microsoft form. Once this is done, our colleagues in the Compliance team will notify the UKVI that you have temporarily changed your study location and will let your School / Faculty administrator know.

Reporting a change in study location will not cancel your visa and it should still be valid when you return to the UK to continue your studies. If you notify us that you are leaving the UK and do not plan to come back on your Student visa, the University will have to withdraw your Student visa sponsorship. This will result in your visa being cancelled and you having 60 days to leave the UK. During these 60 days you will not be allowed to work in the UK, and you will not be able to leave the country and re-enter on your Student visa. 

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