Important information

Your BRP card is your visa and proof of your right to be in the UK as a student. It is a very important document. You must look after it and keep it in a safe place. You do not need to carry your BRP card with you all the time.

You should collect your BRP from the Post Office as soon as possible. Once you have collected it, please take a clear, colour photograph or scan of your BRP (both the front and back) and send it to 

There is a 14 day time window to correct any errors (if you applied for your visa in the UK) so please check it carefully and contact us if you think there are any errors. 

If you have general questions about BRPs please see our website, and read the Tier 4 visa essential information.

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card

What if I have lost my BRP card?

If you have lost your BRP card inside or outside the UK, please see Lost Biometric Residence Permit card for the list of actions you must take

  • If you travel outside the UK you must carry your BRP card and passport
  • BRP cards are only issued to those studying in the UK for more than 6 months
  • To travel to the UK you need a vignette. Then, once you are in the UK you can collect your BRP card

Vignette (visa sticker)

If you have applied outside the UK for a Tier 4 visa to study for more than 6 months, the UKVI will issue you with a vignette.

A vignette is a sticker in your passport, issued by the UKVI. It is proof of your permission to enter the UK and will allow you to travel to the UK.

The vignette is valid from either:

  • 1 month before your course start date (date given on your CAS) or,
  • 7 days before the date you state on your application that you intend to travel to the UK

Whichever is later.

How you will receive your BRP card 

Collect from a named Post Office

You are able to collect your BRP from a named Post Office.  The name and address of the Post Office will be stated in your visa application decision letter.

Return your previous BRP to UKVI

If you applied for your most recent visa overseas and you had previous UK leave evidenced by a BRP, it is strongly advised that you return your old BRP to UKVI by post as it is no longer valid. Please send it by secure post, for example 'special delivery' from the Post Office which is a track and trace service, to Freepost RRYX-GLYU-GXHZ, Returns Unit, PO Box 163, Bristol, BS20 1AB

If you applied for your Tier 4 visa from inside the UK

Read UKVI BRP general information for applicants inside the UK.

  • We advise that you use your own address in the application for the delivery of your BRP card.  Please give your address in full e.g. including room number if you have one, so that your card can be delivered directly to you at a secure address
  • If you did not submit your previous BRP as part of your visa application, you must return it to UKVI by post. You should post it by secure post, for example 'special delivery' from the Post Office which is a track and trace service, to the address provided in your UKVI decision email (also called Application Update). Failure to do so may result in a fine. 
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