Bristol Scholars

The Bristol Scholars scheme is an innovative offer for post-16 students studying in the City of Bristol.

Bristol Scholars will take part in a range of outreach activities, receive free academic tutoring and be eligible for a tailored offer for a place on an undergraduate programme at the University. These activities are designed to empower Bristol Scholars to succeed at post-16 education and therefore enable them to progress to study with the University.  Participants on the scheme receive on-going support throughout the transition to university as well as opportunities during their time at Bristol to ensure they have the best chance possible to excel on their chosen undergraduate programme.

The scheme is intended to capture the talent we know exists in our locality; to demonstrate the University's commitment to Bristol's schools and colleges; and to provide alternative entry routes into our programmes.

School eligibility and nomination process

The Bristol Scholars Scheme allows Headteachers and Heads of Post-16 to nominate individual students on the basis of their academic potential. If eligible for the programme these students will receive a guaranteed, tailored offer from the University of Bristol. The tailored offer is intended to reflect that a students' predicted results, or performance in Year 12, may not reflect their true academic ability. Tailored offers are made with the understanding that students who have overcome particular challenges during their studies will have every chance of succeeding at the University, especially when engaging with the bespoke support offered as part of the Bristol Scholars programme.

Bristol Scholars activities and events

As well as a guaranteed tailored offer, Bristol Scholars students will also be able to take part in an outreach programme which will include visits to the University and private academic tuition.


Those students who firmly accept the offer of a place to study at the University of Bristol may be eligible for the Bristol Scholars bursary. This consists of:

  • A Bristol Scholars bursary of £3,855 for each year of study (this excludes any year where NHS funding is awarded).

To be considered for the bursary students need to have put Bristol as their Firm choice in UCAS, have a household income of below £25,000 per year and must be a UK Home Fees student.

The Bristol Scholars bursary reflects our commitment to attracting the very best students to the University of Bristol and demonstrates how highly we regard those students who complete the Bristol Scholars scheme.

Support during undergraduate study

To ensure that Bristol Scholars are able to make a secure and successful transition to the University, Scholars are provided with a point of contact at the University from the moment their place has been confirmed in August. Bristol Scholars will be supported by a dedicated member of staff, the Bristol Scholars Adviser. The Bristol Scholars Advisor runs a transitional week for all Bristol Scholars joining the University; facilitates a monthly Social Event; coordinates the annual Bristol Scholars Residential Conference; delivers one to one coaching; and is the point of contact with any queries that Scholars may have.


Please direct all queries to Reuben Chatterjee, Bristol Scholars Coordinator – Email:; Telephone: +44 (0)117 42 84533

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