Exam timetable

When and how to view your exam timetable.

The timetable is updated for the next assessment period on the following dates:

• January assessment period: 4 December 2023.
• Summer assessment period: 16 April 2024.
• Re-sit/supplementary period: To be confirmed.

View your Summer 2024 exam timetable

Once your timetable is visible, check that you can see all of the exams for the units you are enrolled on. If there are errors or anything is missing, contact your school office immediately.

What's on your timetable

Your timetable includes exams that start and end on the same day during university assessment periods.

You can see the date, time, and venue of your exam(s). Click on the exam venue in your timetable for a Google map showing where the venue is.

If your exam has seat numbers, these will be confirmed a few days before the assessment period starts.

Your timetable will indicate if you have alternative exam arrangements. Find out more about what will be displayed and how additional arrangements will be confirmed.

Online exams

Online exams that are run during university assessment periods are included on your timetable. End times of online exams will be available in Blackboard a few days after your timetable is released.

Other assessments

Details of other assessments, including coursework, practical assessments, and timed assessments of 4 days or more will be available in eVision. Select View assessment details.

You will be emailed when they are ready to view.

Exam or assessment clashes

You may have two or more different types of assessments scheduled at the same time.

For example, a single-day assessment may run alongside a 4-day or longer open book timed assessment. This means you may sit an exam during a period where you are also working on an assessment with a longer time frame. This is not considered a clash.


If you have any questions, contact your school office.

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