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You will need to register with an NHS or private dentist to receive routine dental care. For emergency dental services contact your registered dentist or call NHS 111.

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You may be suitable for treatment by the dedicated team of staff and students from the Bristol Dental School, one of the top dental schools in the UK.


Opticians will test your sight and examine the health of your eyes.

Some types of optician are trained to recognise abnormalities and diseases that are revealed in the eye, such as diabetes and glaucoma. After testing your eyes, if needed, most opticians will also fit and supply glasses or contact lenses to a prescription.

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Every pharmacy (chemist) has a pharmacist. Pharmacists are a great source of health advice and information. They are experts in medicines and how medicines work and can:

  • tell you how to use medicines safely, emergency contraception (‘the morning after pill’), minor ailments, colds and flu, hayfever and allergies
  • help you decide if you need to see a doctor 
  • give you advice about how you can treat and look after yourself.

You can talk to your pharmacist in confidence - even about the most personal symptoms - and you don’t need to make an appointment.

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