Royal College of Surgeons Bristol Surgical Trials Centre

Our Bristol Surgical Trials Centre is one of seven Royal College of Surgeons of England specialist trials centres.
We bring together methodologists and academic surgeons in multiple NHS hospitals to conduct large pragmatic randomised controlled trials (RCTs) to answer important questions of relevance to patients, surgeons, and the NHS. Our goals are to improve evidence-based surgery and optimise trial design and delivery.


We focus on designing and developing studies and collaborating on trials across many surgical disciplines.

Optimising trial design and delivery

● We work to develop new and improved methods for designing and conducting complex surgical trials

● We work closely with the MRC Trials Methodology Research partnership and, previously, the MRC ConDuCT-II Hub for Trials Methodology Research.

● We also provide methodological expertise to those who wish to design their own surgical RCTs. To find out more, contact us

Training and courses in trials

We also provide training opportunities and courses in trial design and methodology to trainees and consultants.


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Theme lead

Jane Blazeby

Ongoing trials

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Completed trials

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