Exam dates and timetables

Exam dates

  • January exam period: 13 - 24 January 2020
  • Summer exam period: 18 May - 5 June 2020 (11 to 15 May is revision week and some examinations may be scheduled during this week)
  • August - September re-sit and supplementary exam period: 24 August - 4 September 2020

Exam scheduling for 2019/20

We plan to issue exam timetables for the 2019/20 academic year;

  • 9th December for January 2020 exams;
  • 15th April for Summer 2020 exams;
  • Week beginning 3rd August for re-sit/supplementary 2020 exams.

Your exam timetable

You will be sent an email when your exam timetable is released. 

The process of compiling the exams timetable

We offer approximately 3,000 academic units each year. This provides excellent student choice, but makes timetabling these assessments a complex process.

  • we try to minimise the number of students taking two exams in one day
  • we try to create a reasonable gap between exams
  • we do not schedule exams at the weekends or in the evening

Timing of timetable creation

We cannot start to work on the timetable until the start of November as students are allowed a taster of some units before they make their final choice.

Factors which influence scheduling

These exams go into the scheduling process early, however due to the number of these exams it is not possible to put them all early in the timetable:

  • units taken by final-year undergraduate students;
  • units with large cohorts;
  • open language (LANG/UWLP) units (as students from most schools can take these, there are often clashes).

Other factors which can affect scheduling

  • early scheduling of exams for units with a compulsory field course element or other approved activity which requires the students to be away from the University during part of the exam period;
  • online or practical examinations which need to be accommodated in a specific facility (such as a lab/computer room).

Scheduling facts

  • In 2015 we timetabled over 85,500 student exam sittings;
  • only 108 students had two exams in one day;
  • most students had a gap of almost 4 days between exams.

Taking exams outside the UK

What you should do if you need to take an exam outside of the UK.

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