School offices

School offices are often the first point of contact for staff and students with Re/Play queries. This page aims to support School offices in providing key information and support to users without having to refer staff or students on. Please email, if you would like to see further details added to this page.

Management of the recording consent process for visiting or guest lecturers

Guidance on how this (as well as how Re/Play should and should not be used) is available on our Policy and consent page; please familiarise yourself with this section. Something else to bear in mind with respect to external speakers, is that they cannot access recordings or use the Ad Hoc App, as this is restricted to those with a University of Bristol user ID.

Updating records

The system creates schedules automatically based on existing records. Issues can arise if the data in Syllabus Plus or SITS is incorrect.

Key information for staff

Staff may ask you for help from time to time. You can refer them to this website, but here are a few shortcuts so you can help them find what they are looking for.

Key information for students

Students may come to you if they have problems accessing recordings. Basic information and troubleshooting tips are available on our student essentials page.

Further support

Student queries not answered in these pages should be directed to the service desk.

Staff queries (including your own) not answered in these pages should be emailed to This will automatically create a ticket for you in TOPdesk. Further details can be found in the contacts section.