Learning Online - Student Support

Welcome to the Digital Education Office guidance for learning online. Here you can find help and support for your digital studies, but remember that the tools you use will depend on what you are studying, so the most relevant support will always come from your school.

The Digitally Ready courses are available at any time to brush up your skills. Blackboard Help can provide more support when in the Blackboard environment. You can also look at Study support and Study skills for more support with your studies.

Digitally Ready - New students

A digital induction course for new students or those who need to refresh their basic digital skills.

Digitally Ready: Reflect and Reboot - Returning students

Give your digital skills a boost with this self-reflective course, alongside top tips for getting the most out of your digital learning environment.

DigiTalk - Blog

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Learning Online

Learning online is a bit different to being in a live lecture. See how to get the most out of it, participate actively and manage your screen time.

Student Digital Champions

We work with Student Digital Champions in all faculties to hear about your experiences of digital learning, and make sure your voice is heard. Get in touch with them via your course reps with anything you think they need to know about.