Our current projects are listed below, along with selected past projects. If you are running, or thinking about running, a digital education project we'd love to hear about it. We can help with a range of things (resources permitting), such as:

The earlier you involve us the more help we can offer, so please contact us.

Active projects

You can also view a list of our recently completed projects.

ProjectDetailsScaleExpected completion
Student Lifecycle Support Programme changes 2019 The Student Lifecycle Support (SLS) Programme is implementing changes that will impact the use of Blackboard. University-wide September 2019
Questionmark changes - summer 2019

Our current self-hosted Questionmark platform is being upgraded to version 6 and migrated to the cloud-based On Demand service. 

University-wide August 2019

Blackboard upgrade 2019

Upgrading Blackboard to a newer version University-wide July 2019
Electronic management of assessment (EMA) The DEO will offer dedicated support to schools to review current approaches to coursework submission and marking, and support implementation of standardised workflows for electronic management of assessment (EMA). This project will be phased over three years from 2017-18. University-wide July 2020
Re/Play service extension Program of investment to enhance the service, including a renaming from Mediasite to Re/Play, increase in room coverage, innovation fund for recording outside of equipped rooms, increase in cameras for STEM teaching and pilot of software solution. University-wide September 2018
Blackboard course consistency Student-led research project looking into which content students find most useful on Blackboard and the most effective ways to structure it. University-wide In place for 18-19 academic year
Blackboard course review Blackboard course reviews are being promoted. These are an opportunity both to check courses meet basic standards and to further improve the experience of both students and staff. University-wide  Ongoing
Bristol Futures Open Courses Online and blended learning designers in the TELED team are working with the lead educators on design and development of Bristol Futures open courses. University-wide Ongoing
Bristol Future Study Skills The digital materials developer in TELED is working with the Study Skills team based in the Library to create online study skills materials. University-wide Ongoing
Rich Media in Education Using the Re/Play desktop recorder to examine how using rich media can change teaching and learning in face to face and other sessions. University-wide Ongoing