Digital experience insights survey

The University regularly takes part in the Jisc Digital Experience Insights surveys for students, academic staff and professional services staff.

The surveys allow us to collect and analyse data about the digital environment, and how digital technologies are used in learning, teaching and supporting activities.  The surveys capture user expectations and experiences of technology, based on concise question sets which have been intensively trialled within higher education. 

Group of students chatting. Jisc, Digital experience student insights survey. Complete the survey.

As a direct result of previous student surveys we have:

  • Improved the consistency of Blackboard courses through new templates and core standards
  • Developed a new range of direct support for students (including the new digital induction, guides and contextual help)
  • Recruited 12 Student Digital Champions to inform the development of the digital environment and improve our support for students
  • Introduced new tools to support teaching and learning
  • Acquired a digital skills building tool for students and staff, to be piloted in 2022/23 

We selected the JISC digital experience survey because it has been tested and refined through its use in a range of education institutions over a number of years. The surveys are simple, and only take about 10 minutes to complete. The survey asks you questions about your course and your experiences of digital learning and the digital environment.

The questions do not identify you personally and all are optional. Individual responses are anonymous, although we will ask for your faculty to help us target improvements. As well as looking at our own data, we will be able to compare our results with other education providers and benchmarking data across institutions. We will also share the data with Jisc, anonymously, as part of a wider national study.

For further information see the JISC digital experience insights website or contact Suzanne Collins ( Student Digital Learning Experience Manager.