Student digital champions

In November 2020, 12 student digital champions were recruited by the DEO and the UoB Students’ Union, from across all faculties in the university. They are now working hard to reach out to students, and work with us to channel the student voice across the university straight to the DEO. They’re particularly interested in finding examples of excellent student engagement, and ways to foster feelings of community and motivation when learning online. Throughout their time working with us, they’ll be creating case studies and short media pieces to share what they find, and coming up with suggestions and ideas for how we could do things differently as well as showcasing what is really going well.

The student digital champions will need to ask questions of both staff and students, have access to students' views, work with course reps, and delve into the teaching and learning going on in Bristol so far. If you encounter them along the way, try to help them as much as possible! You can also seek them out if you want to let them know about something really interesting happening in your school, or if you’re a student and want to get in touch with them.

They can be contacted via, or students can ask their course reps to feed back to the digital champions.

Meet the student digital champions

Get to know your faculty’s digital champions, why they're excited about the role, and their own experiences (good and bad) of learning online.



  • Kesta Kemp - Undergraduate
  • Tadeas Dvorak - Undergraduate


  • Kosidichinma Emmanuel-Anyim - Undergraduate

Health Sciences

  • Sulayman Tabassam - Undergraduate

Social Sciences and Law

  • Lily Sargent - Undergraduate
  • Alex Maskell - Postgraduate

Life Sciences

  • Sahasmeancheytheary Tov - Undergraduate


  • Lewis Williams - Undergraduate
  • Sophia Leaper - Undergraduate
  • Hamza Teladia - Postgraduate

The DEO reflect on a term of working with Student Digital Champions to produce case studies:

Past Student Digital Champions


  • Ka Tin (Mitch) Lui - Undergraduate

Social Sciences and Law

  • Beatrice Peck - Undergraduate