Policy and consent

A draft policy was introduced at Senate on behalf of the Project Board on 23 February 2015. It was then issued for consultation to staff and students, including Education Committee, and updated accordingly before being returned to Senate for approval on Monday 15 June. Thank you to those who took the time to email feedback.

The amendment of the policy has involved a review of the feedback with members of the Mediasite Project Steering Group, HR, Legal Services and the Union. The new version was agreed by the University Education Committee (UEC) and Senate in June 2015, and is being carried forward until the end of the project (December 2016) with no substantial changes.

Concerns raised during the consultation

Senior academics involved in the Mediasite project have written the following responses to a number of concerns raised during the consultation period on the Recording Educational Activities Policy. The concerns covered are:

  1. Copyright
  2. Pedagogy: impact on student attendance
  3. Pedagogy: impact on student learning
  4. Pedagogy: negative impact on teaching and lecturer performance
  5. Academic workload: negative impact
  6. Pedagogy: concerns about content being used out of context.
  7. Pedagogy: negative impact on academic freedom and performance management

2016/17 academic year and onwards

The Mediasite Project Board reviewed the Policy for Recording Educational Activities in May 2016 and recommended keeping the Policy substantially unchanged for the remainder of the Mediasite Project which will run until December 2016. Minor presentational changes have been made and the date of expiry of the opt-out clause has been amended to December 2016. This extension will allow time for the Board to consult with HR, Legal Services and the Unions before recommending any changes to the policy agreed for the year 15/16.

The Committee notes that opt-out requests received in the year 15/16 expire at the end of the academic year and new requests will need to be made in respect of any opt-outs for the year 16/17.

If you would like to opt your unit out of recording visit our FAQs page.

Consent forms for visitors (external speakers)

Schools must always obtain a signed External speaker recording release request form (Office document, 28kB) before recording the lecture. This applies to non-honorary staff or those lecturers who are here on "One-off or very short term arrangements (lasting less than 4 weeks)" whereby there is no need to sign a contract with the University. Guidance can be found on the University HR website, which has more information on contract types if you are unsure. The consent form can be found in the Recording Educational Activity Policy (2020, PDF) document and should be managed and renewed annually at a local School level. It is advised that Schools add consent form checks to local induction procedures.

It is suggested the consent form is sent to guests in advance of their visit, along with an explanation of why it is needed. Please do not be offended if they refuse; the legal language of the form can be quite daunting, however we have produced a visiting speaker briefing sheet on consent which aims to provide guidance for School offices.