Rules and Regulations for Students

‌‌‌‌2021/2022 Academic Year

Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Student Agreement (PDF, 96kB)
  2. ‌‌University Acceptable Behaviour Policy Statement (PDF, 93kB)
  3. How the University uses student personal data
  4. Student Complaints Procedure (PDF, 149kB)
  5. Student Disciplinary Regulations (PDF, 110kB)
  6. Student Fees Regulations (PDF, 80kB)
  7.  COVID-19 Behavioural Policy (PDF, 76kB)
  8. Staying Safe Online Guidelines (PDF, 28kB)

Academic Matters

  1. Examination Regulations
  2. Turnitin UK - JISC Plagiarism Detection Service (PDF, 98kB)
  3. Regulations on Research Practice (PDF, 48kB)
  4. Regulations on Research Misconduct (PDF, 55kB)
  5. Intellectual Property Policy for Students (PDF, 83kB)
  6.  Recording Educational Activities Policy

Use of Facilities

  1. Regulations for the Use of Library Services and Facilities
  2. Acceptable Use Policy for Computing Facilities
  3. Policy for Investigation of Computers
  4. Car Parking Regulations (PDF, 37kB)


  1. Whistleblowing Policy (PDF, 94kB)
  2. Freedom of Speech Code of Practice (PDF, 47kB)
  3. External Speaker Policy (PDF, 176kB)
  4. Education Act 1994: Code of Practice implementing Section 22(3) (PDF, 59kB)
  5. Support to Study Policy and Procedure (PDF, 69kB)
  6. Statement on the possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs or alcohol (PDF, 15kB)