Re/Play FAQs

Re/Play is the University’s delivery and storage repository for video. It uses Mediasite, a cloud service provided by Sonic Foundry. Videos on Re/Play are called “Presentations”.

Hardware in many of the University’s lecture theatres (see equipped rooms) is scheduled to automatically record lectures, reducing the need for note taking and enabling richer contact with lecturers during teaching hours. Whilst enrolled at UoB, students can easily review recorded lectures in their unit, via Blackboard.

Staff can create their own materials using Desktop Recorder or Mosaic (which can simultaneously record video from the screen and a webcam), or upload video files they have created with other software. Automatic closed captions generation can be turned on for any uploaded material. A simple editor allows uploaded video to have sections removed from playback.

In order to access Re/Play you will first need to log in to Blackboard and click the My Re/Play menu item at the top of the screen.

General Re/Play information

Captions and transcription

General Re/Play tasks


Lecture recordings

Lecture recordings troubleshooting