Accommodation for new undergraduates

More than accommodation

Other student types

Get information on if you are guaranteed an offer of accommodation if you are coming to study at Bristol as a Study Abroad, IFP, Intercalating or Erasmus student. 

Our residences provide so much more than just accommodation. With pastoral support and 24-hour security, opportunities to get involved in green initiatives, drama and music productions or sporting activities and a great social calendar. 

We guarantee an offer of accommodation to new undergraduate students who have firmly accepted an offer of study at Bristol and apply for accommodation in our first round of applications. Take a look at our accommodation guarantee page to find out full details and what to do if you do not meet the terms of the guarantee. 

How and when to apply

Get the information you need on our application timeline for University-allocated accommodation, including how to set up your account in our Accommodation Portal. 

Accommodation offers

When you will receive an accommodation offer and the steps you will need to take to confirm your reservation on your room, and what to do it you need to cancel.  


Information for parents on how we allocate accommodation and our confidentialty policy when it comes to our student's tenancy agreement with the University. 

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