Our accommodation: what to expect

Who you'll live with 

Because our postgraduate accommodation guarantee applies to international students, you'll be living with other postgraduates, nearly all of whom will be international students. The majority (approximately 80%) of international postgraduate students studying at the University come from China, so our postgraduate residences usually have a mix of students that is representative of this. 

Within the flats in each residence, we aim to create a mix of students in terms of nationality, whilst trying to ensure that no one feels isolated. As we have so many Chinese students, we cannot always create a mix of nationalities and so if you are a Chinese student, it is likely that you will be living with all other Chinese students. We appreciate that this can be disappointing if you were hoping to meet and live with a wider range of nationalities, but we are not able to create a balanced mix in every flat. 

Equally, if you are moving into a postgraduate residence after the tenancy has already started, it may be that the room available is sharing with students who are all of a different nationality to you. We understand that this can feel isolating, and you should contact us for advice if you are experiencing this issue.

Support you'll receive

All postgraduate students living in University-allocated accommodation are provided with a network of support staff. Each residence belongs to a residential Village, each with a Student Support Centre, open 24 hours a day 7 days a week offering services and support to students in our residences. 

As the majority of our residences are owned by our partners, you'll also have staff on site to help you with any issues with damage or repairs needed to your room or flat. If you have any issues with the provider of your accommodation, the University's Partnerships Manager is able to assist. If you need to get in touch with the Partnerships Manager you can contact us.

Our residence locations

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