International students

Before you arrive

It is essential that we have your current, personal email address, please do not use your agent's email address. You may miss your accommodation offer if you cannot reply to your offer email straight away.

Accommodation application process

Please ensure you have read the following information before progressing to the application form.

When you access the application system for the first time, you will need to verify your details by entering your University of Bristol student number and the email address that you used when you applied for your course. This will generate an email to you, on clicking the link in the email you will be able to set up a unique username and password for the application system. Please keep your password safe as you will need it again to access your accommodation offer when it is sent to you.

You should apply as soon as you have firmly accepted your offer of a conditional or unconditional place on a course and your department has recorded your acceptance. The application will remain open until October.

When making your application it is essential that we have your personal email address so that we can ensure you receive your offer. Please do not use an agents email address. You should also add our email address to your 'safe list' so your offer email does not get sent to your junk folder.

If you have someone you would like to share a room with you should put their name and student number in the notes section of your application, and they should do the same. Please note we cannot guarantee to meet your sharing preferences.

Please note the deadline for the accommodation guarantee has now passed. You can still apply for accommodation but will no longer be guaranteed an offer of accommodation and there is limited space.

Register and start your application Log in to an existing application

You will need the following information to access the form:

  • University of Bristol student number (tip: this is a 7 digit number that you will find in your University offer email)
  • Email address (must be the email address you used when you applied for your course)

Problems logging into the application system?

Please check that you:

  • are using your student number (found on your offer letter) and not your applicant ID;
  • have accepted your postgraduate offer of study a day before or earlier. The University's student records system is updated overnight so if you have accepted your offer of study today, try again tomorrow.

International students

You don't need to have paid your course deposit to be able to access the online application form. However, you won't receive your Confirmation of Acceptance for Study until you have paid your course deposit.

How offers are made

  • We make the offer by email. We'll email your offer to you in June.
  • Offer emails are sent to your personal email address (or the email address you gave on the application form).
  • Your offer will include the residence and room type. It may not include the room number at this stage.

Accepting your accommodation offer

You have up to seven days to accept your offer and pay your reservation fee or deposit. Your offer will be cancelled if we have not heard from you within the seven day period.

You'll need a credit card to pay a reservation fee or deposit. If you don't have a credit card (or a debit card with a 3 digit security code on the back), we recommend you apply for one at the same time as you apply for your accommodation. This means you can accept your offer without delay.

Arrival information

We'll email you arrival information after you have accepted your offer.

Please note the following:

  • It is not possible for you to move into your University-managed accommodation before the moving-in date.  
  • Check the dates on your accommodation contract carefully so you know when your tenancy starts and ends.
  • You will receive your room number shortly before the start of term.

The International Office runs a welcome service for international students. Details are advertised on their support and advice page, near the start of the academic year.

Pre-sessional students 

Students attending the 34 week and 22 week pre-sessional courses for non-offer holders can apply for accommodation from this website. Details will be available here. 

Help and support

There are people in your residence who can give you advice and support. If you have have a problem with your accommodation after you arrive, you can speak to your residence Student Support Centre.

If your problem is not resolved contact the Accommodation Office or the International Office for further help.

Change of plans

Contact us immediately with any changes in your plans. Always include your name and student number in the email. We need to know if:

  • you decide to look for private accommodation
  • your partner or family will (or will not) join you in Bristol
  • you decide not to attend the University of Bristol
  • your start date at university changes.
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