Accommodation for new postgraduates

Your home from home

For postgraduates who meet the terms of our accommodation guarantee, choosing University-allocated accommodation offers many advantages. All your bills are included in your rent, you don't need a UK guarantor and you don't need to go through the UK right to rent checks.

University-allocated accommodation also provides opportunity for personal and academic development, and the support of our Residential Life team.

Our guarantee

Make sure you have read and understood our accommodation guarantee before proceeding with an application. 

How and when to apply

Get the information you need on our application timeline for University-allocated accommodation, including how to set up your account in our Accommodation Portal. 

Accommodation offers

When you will receive an accommodation offer and the steps you will need to take to confirm your reservation on your room, and what to do it you need to cancel.  

Non-guaranteed applicants

If you do not meet the terms of the guarantee, get informaton and advice on how and where you can begin your accommodation search in Bristol. 

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