Ordering MLwiN FAQs

Can I make one extra copy of MLwiN for use at home ?

You can install more than one copy of MLwiN under a single user license, provided that you are the sole user.

My MLwiN download does not work

  • You need to already own any previous version of MLwiN before you can upgrade to the latest version.
  • Please check you have administrative rights on your PC! It is a common problem that needs to be checked out as the program will not install unless you have administrative rights, please check with your IT department.
  • Please check out you have the correct system requirements. MLwiN is currently only tested on Windows 7 and later.
  • Please note you can download the teaching version for free if you only need the program for the learning materials, but all the above installation guide points still need to be followed.

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How much does MLwiN cost?

A list of prices is given on the order form.

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Am I entitled to academic discount?

Academic Discount is applicable if your purchase is for academic use in a university or school or if your organisation is a charity. It is not applicable to government organisations (including local authorities) or individual private purchases.

Is there a special price for students?

Students are entitled to the standard academic discount of 40%.

Can I purchase additional copies of MLwiN at a reduced price?

Once you have purchased MLwiN, you are entitled to purchase additional copies at a reduced price. Please see additional single user licence prices on our order form.

You need to state the name of the principal user who originally purchased the software when ordering additional copies.

What are the benefits of a site licence?

With a site licence you are licensed to make up to 50 copies of the software. The extension to the site licence allows you to make up to 250 copies within the site. If a person is employed at the site, they can take a copy home provided this is within the number of copies allocated to the site.

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I've already bought a single user license and need more copies for other staff - is it cheaper to buy additional copies or to buy a site licence?

The principal user of a single user license is entitled to purchase additional copies at a reduced price. If there are only a few other staff who need copies, it may be best to buy additional copies through the principal user.

If there are a large number of staff requiring copies of MLwiN, it may be best to purchase a site licence to cover up to 50 users.

Please contact mlwin-order@bristol.ac.uk if you require help in deciding what option would be most cost effective for your organisation.

How do I upgrade my old version of MLwiN to the latest version?

You can upgrade your old version of MLwiN to the latest version for free by downloading the latest upgrade

What are the conditions of purchase for MLwiN?

Please see our conditions of purchase

I want to try out MLwiN before I buy it - is there an evaluation version?

You can download a training version of MLwiN for free. Note however that this is based on the older version 2.36.

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What are the system requirements for MLwiN?

Please see system requirements

Who can I contact for technical advice before I buy MLwiN?

Please go to our technical support

How do I order and pay for MLwiN?

Please see the MLwiN conditions of purchase.

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What are my payment options?

Please see the MLwiN conditions of purchase.

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Do I have to pay VAT on my MLwiN order?

VAT is payable if ordering from the UK.

If ordering from another EU country, VAT is payable unless a VAT registration number is supplied with the order. If your organisation is registered for VAT, and we display your VAT number on your invoice, you do not have to pay VAT in the UK on this order. If you do not supply the VAT number, we will have to charge you VAT on your order.

If ordering from a country outside the EU, no VAT is payable.

How long will it take for me to receive my copy of MLwiN?

Please allow 10 working days from receipt of order for delivery.

I've lost my manual - can I get another one?

We no longer offer physical copies of manuals, however you can download the latest manuals for free.

We are a software re-sale company and would like to purchase MLwiN for one of our customers - is this possible?

Sorry, we are unable to accept orders from re-sale companies. We do not deal with re-sale organisations under any circumstances. Customers must order directly from the MLwiN orders department. Please do not attempt to place an order through a re-sale company, as we will be unable to process the order.

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MLwiN compatibility with Windows versions later than 7 and Multi-core/Multi-processor environments

MLwiN compatibility with next generation Windows and Windows Server is untested

MLwiN has mostly been tested with Windows 7, although it should work with later versions. If you encounter any problems with these then please let us know.

64 bit windows benefits

Since version 3.00 MLwiN has been available as a 64-bit application. This allows it to make full use of the memory installed on the system, as well as make use of some newer processor instructions.

Multi-core, multi-processor possible benefits

MLwiN has been designed for a single CPU and is single-threaded. In multi-processor environments the most benefit MLwiN would gain would be that it could have one of the CPUs to itself without having to fight with other applications and the operating system. If you run MLwiN via R2MLwiN or Stat-JR then you can take advantage of multiple cores by running parallel MCMC chains.

Redesigning MLwiN to take advantage of multiple processors is a major undertaking, for which we have no immediate plans.

My question is not answered here - who should I contact?

Please email mlwin-order@bristol.ac.uk with sales enquiries

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