Your accommodation preferences

When you make your application for accommodation you will be able to tell us a number of preferences your have about your accommodation. Although we cannot guarantee to match these preferences, we will use them to offer you accommodation that is as closely matched to your needs as possible. The application form will cover the following three areas: 

1. Your Health Requirements

One of the first questions we will ask you in the application is about your health needs in relation to your accommodation. If you have any health needs that mean you need a specific type of accommodation, you need to declare these in full in the application. If you do not include any health needs in your application but tell us later in the process, the chances of us being able to meet your needs will be significantly reduced. Find out more on our health and disability pages.  

2. Flat Profiles

Next we will ask if you have a preference to live in a flat designated to any of the following groupings. Read the details on each of the flat profiles we have available below and decide if one of these is right for you. Please note if you do not include any of these preferences in your application but later decide you need one of these options, the chances of us being able to meet your needs at a later stage are significantly reduced due to demand. 

We will prioritise a flat profile request over your location and room type preferences. Therefore in order to offer you one of these designated flats, you may be offered a residence or room type that is not one of your preferences.

If you don't want to apply for any of these options you can select 'No Preference' in this section of the application - please note no student will be placed in one of these profiled flats unless they have applied to live there. 

3. Room type and location preferences

In the third and final set of choices in your application for accommodation, you'll need to select nine preferences to indicate your preferred residence, room type and budget. Across our undergraduate residences we have more than 80 combinations for you to choose between. Although we cannot guarantee you an offer for one of your nine preferences, we will use your preference to try and match you to your most suitable room, where possible. Please read the following information before starting your application to help you decide which options to list.    

virtual tour Virtual campus tour

Take a look around our campus and see the location of your residence through our virtual tour

Health and disability

If you have any health issue or disability that influences where you can live, you should also read our health and disability pages about what we can do for you.   

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