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Register of Interests

Each year, in accordance with HEFCE policy, the Governance Office asks members of the Board of Trustees,  VCAG, Deans and Divisional Heads to complete and submit a Register of Interests form. The form will be circulated at the start of the new academic year in order to pick up new academic members of the Board of Trustees and any changes of Dean. The Governance Office will also make sure that any new members of the Board of Trustees joining in January are asked to complete a form at the point they join the Board of Trustees.

The Clerk to the Board of Trustees, on behalf of the Registrar and University Secretary, maintains the overall Register of Interests.  Members are asked to provide details of:

  • Remunerated employment outside the University;
  • Other relevant sources of income from outside the University;
  • Relevant directorships, trusteeships or similar positions;
  • Involvement with any organisation with which the University might do business;
  • Positions of authority within any other organisation whose decisions may have an impact on the University;
  • Other relevant interests.

Please contact the Governance Office for more information.

Governors' Responsibilities: Useful resources/documents

As the governance of higher education in the UK evolves, there are major implications for governing bodies including:

  • increasing expectations about how they undertake their role;
  • a greater focus on measuring institutional performance;
  • coming to terms with an increasingly complex governance environment.

All of the above and more means that governors/committee members of governing bodies (particularly new ones) need to be well prepared for their roles and the challenges they face, so that they can contribute effectively to their various committees from the outset.

To support governors/committee members in this challenge, we have provided a set of useful internal and external resources below:

External Resources

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) works in partnership promoting and funding high-quality, cost-effective teaching and research, meeting the diverse needs of students, the economy and society. Here is a list of some useful publications from HEFCE:

The following useful information is published by the Committee of University Chairs:

The following guides are jointly published by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education and the Committee of University Chairs (CUC). They have been developed specifically for Governors of UK Universities and Higher Education Colleges:

The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education's Governance is a key resource for governors, council members and others interested in governance in higher education. Below are some helpful publications:

Information for new members

Below are links to information for new members of University committees, as well as on the appointment process for new University committee members.

Inductions for New Members 

Finding and Appointing New Members