University Education Committee

University Education Committee was established in 1994 as an overarching quality assurance committee for educational matters.  It reports to Senate.

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The main purposes of the committee are to:

Terms of reference

Advisory (to the Senate):

1. To develop and maintain oversight of the University’s education strategy and associated strategies, relating to the student experience and the recruitment, retention, employability and lifelong relationship between the University and its students.

2. To advise on congruence between the education strategy and other relevant strategies, including those for:

3. To advise on activities to enable University compliance with HEFCE Annual Provider Review report.

4. To advise on activities to enable University compliance with education processes and enhancement in relation to the Teaching Excellence Framework.

Decision making (on behalf of the Senate):

5. To make decisions on educational priorities, with the aim of enhancing the student experience and with regard to the education strategy.  To raise appropriate matters outside the scope of the committee with University Management Team, Student Affairs Committee, the faculty committees and other individuals and groups as appropriate.

6. To develop and maintain oversight of educational policy and a framework of quality assurance, for all programmes from foundation to doctoral levels, within the context of the education strategy.

7. To monitor and be responsible for the quality and standards of taught and research degrees.

8. To oversee the enhancement and quality of the student experience, maintaining oversight of curriculum review, development and assessment practices.

9. To make decisions on proposals for new programmes of study (foundation, undergraduate, taught postgraduate and postgraduate research), for collaborations with external partners and for major modifications to existing programmes.

10. To maintain oversight of appropriate systems and processes and make decisions on priorities in order to enhance the wider student experience.

11. To agree strategies for students in relation to the recruitment and admission (undergraduate and postgraduate).

12. To consider and approve external educational partnerships and collaborative arrangements and arrangements for validation of degrees offered by other institutions.

13. To monitor and review strategy, policy and procedure in respect of the student journey:  registration; student attendance at, and completion of, programmes and examinations; the operation of the appeal, complaints and student grievance procedures.

14. To oversee the development of a lifelong relationship with our alumni, and to oversee the promotion of careers work, employability and enterprise within the University.

15. To promote enhancement in learning, teaching and student research through the identification and dissemination of good practice.

16. To promote active student engagement in matters relating to the standards and quality of taught and research degree programmes and the academic experience of students on those programmes.


The membership of the Committee for 2017-18 is as follows:

In attendance:

Plus a standing invitation is issued to all Faculty Education Directors and the chairs of the Student Recruitment and Student Experience Committees.


The Chair or nominee and at least five other members of the Committee.

Mode of operation

The Committee will normally meet eight times a year.


Please see the diagram demonstrating the University Education Committee - structure and working groups (PDF, 235kB)  

Meeting dates

University Education Committee reports to Senate so the meetings are scheduled to enable this.  The scheduled dates for 2017-18 are as follows:

University Education Committee reporting schedule 2017-18
Paper deadlines for University Education CommitteeUniversity Education Committee meeting dateSenate meeting date
Monday 18 September Wednesday 27 September Monday 16 October
Monday 23 October Wednesday 1 November Monday 11 December
Monday 20 November Wednesday 29 November Monday 26 February
Monday 15 January Wednesday 24 January Monday 26 February
Monday 26 February Wednesday 7 March Monday 23 April
Thursday 29 March (due to bank holiday) Wednesday 11 April Monday 11 June
Tuesday 8 May (due to bank holiday) Wednesday 16 May Monday 11 June
Monday 18 June Wednesday 27 June 2018/19

Record of business

University Education Committee submits regular reports to Senate (its parent committee) to record its recent business.  These reports are available for download (UoB only)