Paper submissions

A 'paper' is a report. It gives a committee background information on your topic, and explains what you expect them to do and any decisions requested.  

Before you create a paper

You must contact the relevant committee secretary to discuss the topic, whether it is appropriate for the committee to consider, and when the committee will have time to discuss it. 

Paper submission deadlines

Each committee meeting has a separate submission deadline for papers, so that appropriate checks can be completed and the committee members have time to review them. Paper submission deadlines are listed with the dates for each committee meeting.  

Information to include in your cover sheet and paper

Your paper must include a cover sheet explaining what the paper is about, and what the committee is expected to do.

Use our template to make sure your cover sheet and paper include what the committee need to discuss your topic and reach a decision. 

The paper must be in Word, Excel or PowerPoint format, not in PDF format. 

Do not include page numbers on your paper. 

Paper templates and resources

University staff can access resources on the Governance intranet, including:

Submitting your paper

Submit your cover sheet and paper by emailing it to the relevant committee secretary. Committee secretaries are listed with each committees' information.  

Emails must arrive by 5pm on the paper submission deadline date for all committees except University Executive Board (UEB) and University Management Team (UMT).

Submit University Executive Board (UEB) and University Management Team (UMT) papers by midday on the paper submission date. 


If you have questions about writing or submitting papers, contact us

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