Researchfish FAQs for postgraduate students

FAQs for postgraduate students

Which students need to submit outcomes?

UKRI will only be asking for students who are in the third or later year of their studies to submit their outcomes, i.e. students whose awards started on or before the 7 February 2022.

Students who are in their first or second year of study at the time of the data collection period are excluded from the exercise (excepting a small number of cases where students were included in the submission period last year).

Students who are co-funded by two Research Councils will only need to provide details for one Research Council – the name of the lead Research Council is provided in Researchfish and can be seen after logging in.

Students who are funded by other organisations that also use Researchfish to collect outcomes information (including a number of medical charities) will be contacted by them directly and are not associated with the UKRI outcomes collection exercise.

Is it mandatory?

There is a UKRI Sanctions Policy which applies to all Research Council funded award holders, but it does not apply to PhD students or their supervisors. However, if you are a PhD student whose award started on or before the 7 February 2022, you are strongly encouraged to participate as overall institutional compliance may be considered in making future doctoral training awards and the University will therefore be monitoring submission levels throughout the submission period.

What do I need to do?

- register your details using the login details provided by Researchfish

- ensure your main supervisor is added as a 'Team Member' on your award 

- add any other supervisors as appropriate

- enter your outcomes, e.g. publications, collaborations, public engagement 

- submit your outcomes during the 'submission period,' which is from 7 February 2022 to 17 March 2022

- repeat every year until three years after your studentship has finished

How do I login to Researchfish?

Log in to Researchfish at:

If you have any problems logging on, or have any questions about the awards / data in your profile, please contact the help desk at

Researchfish includes the ability for you to manage your profile information (including making changes to your password and email address). You can do this via the “Profile” section of the system.

What do I need to report and how do I do it? 

When you log on to Researchfish you can click the “view portfolio” button on the “Enter Outputs” line. You can enter details of outcomes by clicking on the relevant section on the left of the page (publications, collaborations, etc.), following the instructions. It is important that you then associate each outcome with the relevant award(s) as shown in In this section your studentship will be listed on the right of the screen.

There are a whole range of outcomes that can be reported on Researchfish; however, many will not be relevant to you as a student. The most likely sections of relevance to you include:

i. Publications – papers you have published as part of your PhD

ii. Collaborations – any work completed in collaboration, e.g. with another academic group 

iii. Engagement Activities – instances where you communicated your research to a non-academic audience, e.g. presentations at science fairs or schools 

iv. Other Outputs & Knowledge / Future Steps – anything else you think is an important outcome from your research 

v. Secondments, Placements and Internships – time spent at other organisations 

Please remember, do not add any confidential, sensitive or personal information to Researchfish as outcomes submitted may be made public (e.g. through Gateway to Research). 

What happens if I don’t have any outcomes to report?

It is very common for most impacts to occur towards the end of a project or after it has finished. Do not worry if you have nothing to report until towards the end of your PhD, just submit a blank response. You are still expected to complete the submission process, however, even if there are no outcomes to report.

What do I do and what does my supervisor do?

UKRI has had supervisors added to studentships as Team Members so they have the ability to help you add attributions if they so wish. Please note that the supervisors will not be able to submit the return, this is the responsibility of the student. Additional supervisors can be added to your studentship details as ‘team members’.

However, the SUBMIT button is only available when the submission period is open. Only you can see and click on the SUBMIT button.  

Can I use the publications I have added to Pure?

If you have publications already listed in Pure, you can copy them directly into Researchfish using the publication ID, e.g. DOI, PubMed ID or Scopus ID.

When do I have to finish entering data?

You can enter data at any time but you will need to confirm that all of your information is accurate and complete during the annual submission period. The next submission period is 7 February 2022 to 17 March 2022. You will receive a reminder email to finish entering and submit your data. Successful submissions will be confirmed by the system via email.

Where can I find further information?

For general guidance and support please contact your supervisor.

Online support: